Osteobiz Privacy Policy

What do we know about you?
As you know, Osteobiz collects, stores, processes and uses personal data. If at some point you have downloaded one of our free resources, we are very likely to have a record of your name and email address and possibly mobile number, plus any private coaching packages you’ve purchased, courses or online CPD you may have completed with us.  We also have a record of any financial transactions between us, although we do NOT have a record of your credit card details – these are fully secured by Simplero and Stripe, who process our online transactions. They have assured us that their procedures are fully secure and GDPR-compliant.
You can be confident that none of your data is ever shared with third parties in any way whatsoever. Also, as has always been the case, all our emails have an unsubscribe button at the bottom and you can easily click that to remove yourself from our list. No offense taken.
What about “cookies”?
Yes, of course we use cookies – virtually every online organisation does!  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to make your experience on our website as fluid as we do.  You’d see the same pages or pop-ups too often, and we’d have no idea which things you find most interesting.
We also use cookies from Google Analytics, Facebook and probably one or two other third parties.  These help us to know what parts of our website are working well and what things you are interested in.  They tell us things like the type of device you’re using (really helpful in ensuring that we optimise the appearance of our website), your rough location (again, very useful in working out who finds our service most useful), and how long you stay on different pages of the site.
The only time we can collect personal data without you realising (things like your name or date of birth) is when you ask through Facebook Messenger for us to send you stuff.  Because Messenger is connected to Facebook, it’s likely that some of that data is also available.
But please be reassured that there’s nothing devious going on.  We aren’t tracking your every movement, nor are we able to switch on your webcam remotely, nor can we listen in to your conversations.  And so far, all our attempts to recruit household pets as spies have failed.  Despite offering them biscuits (not cookies).