Social media mistakes are now highly detrimental to your ablity to connect with potential patients. I spend a large amount of time trawling through social media business pages and a goodly amount of time face-palming!

You see, where there is no strategy there is little likelihood of getting results. So that’s valuable time and engery put into marketing but with no clear idea what you’re trying to achieve.

#1 Mistake – incomplete information

Having incomplete information on your social media pages, is like having a leaflet with no contact details! Only today I came across a Facebook page but there was no website for me to find out more. There was scant information about the person. Indeed so I wasn’t even sure it they were male or female. That could be a very important piece of information for a person in pain.

FIX: Let’s check every social media page you have and ensure that all information is complete so that potential patients know who they’re dealing with.

#2 Mistake – sending potential patients to other media websites

The whole point of engaging with potential (and current patients) on social media is to create and sustain converstaions, rapport and build trust. As you know, social media and the internet in general is a bit of a rabbit hole, down which it’s possible to disappear for long periods!

But if you think that posting a BBC or Washington Post article is being helpful to your marketing, think again! Once they’ve clicked the link and gone off to read this, they may very well head off again somewhere else via another link. They may well have forgotten how they even got there in the first place. So what has this tactic achieved? You’ve very kindly added to the number of hits a media organisation got for its article!

FIX: Take the subject matter and write up a synopsis in your own words. Talk about this particular news or point of view and give your own opinion. Now you are building trust with your potential patient.

#3 Mistake – not posting for weeks or even months

It saddens me when I find a social media page where nothing has been posted for weeks or months! It makes me wonder what’s going on in their life. Why are they neglecting their followers? Why are they not sharing valuable information and advice?

FIX: Ensure there is sacrosanct time set aside in the diary for social media marketing. After all, it’s free and it works like a dream if you keep going with it. If you don’t put petrol in your car it will grind to a halt; this is much the same.

It’s time to become as strategic in social media marketing as you are in treatment!

Work out who you’re trying to connect with. How do you help them? What do they need? How do you help them etc etc. Once you have worked out your strategies, you can implment them and stop making those social media mistakes!