social media

Keep posting!

1.  Attend to your social media profiles

Take a fresh look at your social media profiles and make sure that they are properly filled out and completed.  Use strong keywords which will resonate immediately.  For example ‘pain relief’ ‘osteopathic treatment’ ‘Mytown’ ‘sports injuries’ etc.  Inject some passion, love and energy into your words to help resonate quickly with your target audience.

2.  Post more often than you think

Post content and comment twice as much as you think you should.  I follow many people across at least three social media platforms and a great many groups.  I spend more time than most monitoring news feeds.

Those who are posting lots of interesting items, blog posts and relevant comment quickly catch my eye.  Even if we never do business together, they have caught my attention.  I am therefore more likely to comment and share their posts, either for useful content or examples of excellent marketing to pinch and use!  Remember: Osteopathy is the world’s best kept secret – let’s get shouting about it!

3.  Connect with community influencers

Find and connect with local business owners, pioneers, dignitaries, leaders, journalists and editors.  Create rapport, share their stuff and develop relationships with them.  Join in posts where appropriate, showcase your expertise and knowledge and suggest possible solutions if appropriate.  Demonstrate that you know your stuff and work towards getting media coverage and collaborative ventures to further publicise your business.