fill your diary

Trying to fill your diary every week is one of your greatest ongoing challenges!  It’s a worry to see too many empty slots in next week’s diary, isn’t it? But it can be such a grind to try and keep filling them.

This can be one of the most tedious parts of your work but tackling it head on is critical to your success.

Commonly, I see many Osteopaths suffering from a boom or bust Osteobiz. They can become disheartened, sometimes even thinking that it may reflect on their own skills and capabilities. However, this problem is often down to a lack of strategy mixed with erratic marketing!  Are you guilty of this?!

Counteracting this swing in bookings is actually quite easy. But it does require some tenacity too.  All that is required is more consistent marketing to bring better results.

But what do we mean by ‘marketing’?

Basically, marketing is all about creating opportunities for conversation with potential patients.  Let’s begin from the premise that they don’t even have a clue what you do or why they would even visit you!  Getting back to the basics means that you can begin explaining, in simple language, the benefits of your treatments. Remember, no medical jargon or you will befuddle your potential patients – and a confused mind doesn’t book!

Here are three ways you can enhance the conversations you have today with your community:

1. Meet the Osteo!

Take a look at your social media pages. Can people see who you are or are you hiding behind a logo?  It is crucial that people can see who you are and get a sense of what you stand for. My own business sky-rocketed after I had some professional photographs of me taken.

Because, as I am constantly reminding you: PEOPLE BUY PEOPLE!

So show a little of your personality and create a post which tells us more about you. Why did you choose Osteopathy as a career? What is your area of expertise? Do you secretly like to crochet hot water bottle covers on Sundays? You get the gist!

Add a close up selfie and voila you have connected with your community.

2. Send out an e-newsletter

Quickly create an e-newsletter (if you don’t know how then here’s an easy tutorial) and send to all patients who haven’t visited you for over six months. Keep it bright and brief, ask after their health and remind them that you treat pain.  Don’t forget to encourage them to share your name or forward your email to local friends who they think might need your help.

3. Go outside and fill your diary!

Take a deep breath, some business cards or leaflets and go and pop into some nearby complementary small businesses. Introduce yourself, ask about what they do and how you might recommend them and in return explain more about how you can help their patrons. Remove that veil of uncertainty about what on earth an Osteopath does and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

If you’d like loads more easy strategies for building your Osteobiz, just contact me here –, tell me what you want to achieve and I’ll recommend which of my services is best for you.

Meanwhile, do let me know how you get on with these ideas.