osteopathic resourcesI like to keep note of osteopathic resources and today I’m sharing 5 of them with you. I’m often approached by other companies who would like to work with me in one way or another. Indeed, I’m currently having some very exciting discussions with worldwide organisations and companies and I hope to have some further news on this as things develop.

Meantime, I want to share with you some Osteopathic resources I have found over the past few years which may be of interest to you too:

CoreCIC – Osteopathic research and development

Co-created by awesome Osteopaths Danny Orchard and Duncan Webster, this is their response to the lack of research into Osteopathic treatment here. Based in the East End of London, it is a place to encourage mentoring for new Osteopaths as well as providing low cost treatment to the people of Hackney. The guys have big vision and very exciting plans ahead so do get in touch with them to find out how you could also become involved or support them in this important endeavour.  See what they’re up to here http://www.corecic.com/

Meanwhile they are organising a massive fund raising event in London on Thursday 28 July. Tickets are on sale for It’s a gig to raise awareness and cash to support research into chronic pain in women. If you can get to London why not support them by buying a VIP ticket and meet me there for what sounds like an incredible evening of music, food and drink and short inspiring speeches. (I’ll be the one in the long frock and dancing shoes…)

CO-KINETIC – translating research into hands on practice

I met Tor Davies at the COPA show last week at ExCel in London and we had a chat about how I might add some value to what she’s already providing. Aimed at manual therapists in general, I came away with a super journal with well written articles, great graphics and visuals as well as lots of valuable links to more resources. All the sort of stuff I know you love!  Their aim is to provide highly practical content.  Check it out: http://co-kinetic.com 

THE PRACTICE DIARY – is it time to dump the pencil and paper?

Created by inspiring Osteopath Ben Court, this is a highly functional online diary with notes and appointment reminders. It is very intuitive to use and if you’re thinking of moving up from pencil and paper, this is a great and very cost effective first step. Further more it helps to increase bookings, stop no shows and therefore increase earnings. Find out more: http://thepracticediary365.co.uk/

OSTEOFM – Penny Sawell’s thought provoking insights on the latest news in Osteopathic circles

Like me, Penny writes her blogs on a Tuesday morning and they are always very interesting and worth sharing on social media. Penny brings us news from GOsC meetings, latest news in the Osteopathic world as well as discussion about the controversial debate over the efficacy of Osteopathic treatment generally.  Catch up with Penny’s blog here https://osteofm.com/

PRIVATE PRACTICE HUB – the business of therapy

This is another business I came across at COPA last week and Geoff Simons was very keen to share this resource with you. Again aimed at therapists generally, there is a wealth of FREE resources for you there along with articles and help with topics such as human resources, finance and admin.  Check it out here: http://www.privatepracticehub.co.uk/

Do you know of any other fab Osteopathic resources?

If so, don’t keep them to yourself! Let me know and I’ll continue to share whatever I can with a view to giving you the best Osteopathic resources to make your Osteobiz life easier.