When a crisis hits us out of the blue, of course we immediately go into shock and then coping mode.

How can we protect ourselves, our loved ones and assets?

It’s a natural reaction.

However, over time, we can go one of two ways; we can stay locked down, feeling waves of fear and the crush of uncertainty until we can barely function.

Or we can hunker down, take care of the essentials and begin to reflect on the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

As a business owner, we can choose to begin to stoically accept our new reality.

We can mull over a few possibilities and try them on for size.

In doing that we can now look outwards again.

But some choose to peer down the wrong end of the telescope to the insignificant and the minutiae of life.

Sadly, we currently witness this in waves throughout online discussions where negative focus turns unpleasant.

Some discussions can quickly turn rancid and ugly, where people focus on having to be ‘right’ and who feel compelled to enter into arguments rather than lively and respectful debate.

So as we look outwards instead and consider the possibilities which may lie ahead, we could well uncover that holy grail of recovery: opportunity.

For me, in previous hard times or economic downturn, this is where I always prefer to focus.

We can think about possibilities, opportunities and options.

What if we did this?

What if we did that?

What else could we do in this situation?

How else could we operate now?

Who could we reach out to?

Who could we collaborate with?

What else could we create?

This is the difference between being near sighted or far sighted, when looking at our new reality.

In our current challenging times, I’m asking myself these questions on a daily basis.

And according to the long suffering Old Boy, my busy brain is also having rapid fire conversations with unknown parties during the night…

I find pockets of time to contemplate ideas, to allow them to bubble up and grow.

I note down thoughts because otherwise, like beautiful butterflies, they will float off never to be seen again.

These current challenging times have made me look at my work all over again and see where I could step up and serve my clients better.

I’ve looked at how I believe the Osteopathic community could benefit and take advantage of the new opportunities which have presented themselves.

And I am excited.

Totally over the top excited.

I think few will yet have seen what could potentially lie ahead.

But I have a clear and incisive vision which sees amazing possibilities ahead.

And I have invested in some very exciting new innovations and put time into creating new resources and programmes.

News and announcements coming soon!

But first, we need to deal with where we are.

Communication and clarity are vital right now as we sit in a period of flux.

Our communities need to feel safe and supported and not abandoned.

They need our inspiration and clarity about how we can continue to serve them.

And it’s time to speak to it – that truth – that you are far more than just your hands.

I’ve been urging current clients and those in my Facebook community, not to step back but to step up.

There is so much more to your skills than the manual therapy aspects.

Many people now are stuck at home, in fear and with heightened anxiety about their health issues.

They need help and advice and direction.

But most of all they crave to be heard, to be understood and more than that; they have a need for reassurance.

That’s why video consultations are bringing such superb feedback from patients.

And then there’s the calls out to current patients to check up on their well-being.

However, stepping up further and using social media to reach out to communities will further develop and enhance connections and relationships.

But many are hesitant to do these simple things.

However, with decent strategies in place, when it comes to re-opening clinics, those who have developed stronger relationships online will see that translate into bookings.

Now is the opportune moment to look through the telescope outwards towards future possibilities.

And then start planning to take the necessary baby steps to reach those new goals and thrive once more.