Recently, I had a bit of a meltdown.  The kind where you think all your decisions have been wrong or ridiculous.  Why did I ever think I could launch my own online business helping Osteopaths around the world?  That was sheer stupidity.

That kind of meltdown.

I seriously thought about abandoning my crazy notion that I could realistically make a living from helping Osteopaths to build their businesses and treat more patients.  It seemed like I was working so hard for so little.

I got myself into a right tizzy!

Would the 1,300 worldwide Osteopaths, who I was connected to, even notice if I went quiet or disappeared, I wondered?  Would they miss their mad megaphone lady with the chirpy blogs and Thursday Thought emails?

I imagined the eerie silence of nonchalance.

I must have been having a funny female five minutes or maybe it’s like the truism, “it’s always darkest before the dawn”.

Mind MonkeyAnyway, after a couple of ‘woe is me’ days, I realised what was going on.  The mind monkeys had me in a headlock!  You know the type, sitting on your shoulder and jabbering away in your ear, telling you you’re not good enough, asking who the hell you think you are etc.

So I decided to take a good look at where I was.  I launched this business at New Year shortly after my youngest had a heart transplant.  I can tell you that it took pure determination to follow through on a yearlong plan.

It is said that it takes 3-6 months of regular, consistent and persistent marketing before the results begin to appear.

However, very soon after my launch, several Osteopaths came forward looking for help from someone who understood them and their unique talents.  I received enthusiastic emails thanking me for help and advice.

Very quickly the Osteobiz Club really started to take off and by last May (five months after launch) I was starting to see far more interaction, people booking 1:1 coaching calls and getting excited about the ideas we discussed.  Following that I also launched ‘Done For You Blogs’ and bookings came whizzing in for those!

But book-keeping is one area where I have a tendency to fail epically!

So one Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, I got all my financial info out, down-loaded a simple accounting spreadsheet (why complicate the dull?) and I entered all my income data and expenses.

Interestingly, it showed that I had done far more business that I had thought.  It proved that month on month, from a standing start, my business had consistently grown using nothing more than the techniques I teach you – no pointless adverts or swanky launches.

It also showed me that, surprisingly, in six months I had already broken even and was starting to generate profit.  I calculated that in the past two months my business had grown by a whopping 400%.

This simple exercise instantly defeated the mind monkeys.

It left them comatose on the floor, rendering them incapable of ever again attacking my confidence.

The realisation dawned that I could both follow my passion and properly contribute to the family finances.  Finally, I could tell the Old Boy that I was creating my own income and didn’t need to ‘go out and get a proper job’ (I haven’t had one of those for twenty years, thank you!)

I also realised that for at least the third time I had done it again and succeeded.  I’d had an audacious idea to start a business.  I’d armed myself with the extra knowledge and techie skills I needed in order to achieve that.  And then I just walked to the entrepreneurial cliff edge and jumped!

It was scary stuff.

But every day I just keep putting one enthusiastic foot in front of the other, listening to what you need, creating new ideas and moving forwards.

Recently, more emails have been coming out of the blue from you, thanking me for being passionate about helping Osteopaths. So many of you tell me that you value the help I give to spread the word about Osteopathy and my evaluations as to how you can attract more perfect patients into your particular business.

I value each and every kind word of encouragement.

So if any of this resonates with you, remember:

1        Keep focused on your goals and take baby steps every week to achieve them.

2        Don’t let the mind monkeys win!

3        Check the realities of your business by regularly keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Ultimately your business provides you with an income to live the life you want.  If it is providing this, then that is your barometer of success – not how many back to back patients you can cram in before collapsing!

So what is the antidote to episodes of mind monkey madness?

Positive thoughts and inspired action will take you forwards towards success.  Negative thoughts will only hold you back, eat away at your confidence and sap your energy.

Every Friday afternoon, plot what you’re going to do next week to move your business forward.  And every Monday morning, take action to reach more people in your community.  Many don’t yet know how awesome you are and how you can help them and their pain.  It’s your job to change that.