Do you look at your patient list some days and groan?  Do you think that you can’t bear to drag yourself through another day of monotonous back trouble? 

If you’re trying to build your business, then you need to keep a steady flow of new patients coming through your door.  That being the case, then you might as well decide what exactly who you’d love to be treating all day long and go after them!

For instance, if you’d rather be treating babies, then you need to get in front of new parents and let them know what you can do.  If you prefer the wear and tear problems facing tradesmen and manual workers, you now know where to find them. New Baby

How can you get noticed in your area?  Make sure your perfect patient knows that you specialise in relieving their problem or condition.  Give them brief case studies of similar presenting symptoms and how quickly you resolved them.  Do you have testimonials from happy customers to back that up?  This is especially important on your website.

State what you specialise in; I promise it won’t mean other people won’t still book with you.  However, it will mean that you will more easily ‘connect’ with your perfect patient and your words will resonate with them.  When you describe what’s troubling them, how it feels and the relief they wish for, they will be on the phone and booking to see you in no time.

Once you know WHO you love to work with mostly and WHAT you love to treat, it then becomes obvious WHERE you’re going to find more like them.  Don’t be shy in marketing directly to your perfect patient.  It’s your job to help these people to understand that they can find relief from their pain and discomfort.  Referrals will grow too as your name becomes synonymous with ‘joint mobility’, ‘relief for unsettled babies’ or ‘rehabilitation after a stroke’.

Remember – where you put your focus is where the magic happens…