attract more patientsSeriously, when trying to attract new patients, one of the most underutilised marketing tools is blogging! It is the number one way of showcasing your expertise. But do you ever write one? Are you even consistent in your blogging? Is it a component of your Osteobiz building strategy to attract new patients?

Over in the Osteobiz Inner Circle this week, we’re working hard on getting our social media strategy sorted once and for all! And blogging is one way of educating and informing your potential patients about how you can help them.

Use your informative blog to attract new patients!

Your blog articles help to give you credibility, expert status and build that all important trust between you and the reader. So why don’t I see more blogs written by Osteopaths? I do wonder actually! Time and again I see other people’s blogs being shared with a ‘book to see us now’ kind of comment.  But I could cry!  What a missed opportunity to use that as an idea trigger and write about the same topic but with your own viewpoint and knowledge.

Let’s face it, you have forgotten more than most of us even know about the body and how it functions!  I constantly tell people that you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body.  So in the same way that I share my knowledge about marketing, building your business and how to attract new patients, you can share your epic knowledge with us too!

And blogs are not a one trick pony either!

I write a fresh new blog every single Tuesday. That may be a bit too much for you but I’m sure you could manage once a fortnight? Or batch write some blogs. Listen in Clinic – what have they been moaning about this week? What is troubling them? What questions do you hear over and again? Do a brain download of all these things and there you have a raft of ideas to write about and awesome advice to share.

Then you can also send these out, as I do, in an e-newsletter with your special advice and encouragement. You can use snippets out of the blog to make social media posts. You can add that text to a striking image.

The key thing to remember is that you can post, repost and reuse your blogs over and over again. Most people WILL NOT have seen it the first time you posted it. So post it again and use a scheduling tool like Buffer to post them out while you’re busy treating – goodness that takes the hard work out of social media marketing right away!

But what are the components of a good blog?

Set your timer for ten minutes and begin!

  1. A cracking title (sorry – can’t help myself!)
  2. 300-700 words is ample.
  3. Break it up with some headings
  4. No medical jargon – keep it simple!
  5. A striking image.
  6. A main point you want to drive home.
  7. A call to action if you can
  8. A link to drive the reader to your booking page…
  9. Add #OsteopathyWorks and spread the word!

I’ll be keeping my eye out for some superb blogs coming through my news feeds this week and sharing all the original blogs I spot. I’d like to see every Osteopath writing, liking and sharing each other’s blogs in order to continually educate and inform the public about how you can help them.

After all, it’s FREE and ten minutes of your time well spent!

This month in the Inner Circle we’re having an assault on social media marketing and getting it sorted once and for all! Come on in and join the gang! It’s only a tenner a month (one coffee per week?) and there’s no tie in of course.