NailsI know what you’re thinking about the topic of blogging – you’d rather run up your local High Street wearing nothing but turquoise nail polish!  But before you roll your eyes and head for the door, let me tell you that blogging doesn’t have to be difficult.

As part of your website, it’s an excellent way of generating traffic to it.  If we take the onus off your patients to remember that you’re there, then it’s clear that you need to take responsibility for reminding them that you exist.  Not only that but you are maintaining your valuable relationship with them.

They have given you their email and therefore implicitly given you permission to keep in touch.  So there’s no need to feel that you are spamming them as long as you give them the option to unsubscribe.  Send them a short monthly newsletter and link them back to your blog topic.  Even quarterly contact would be better than nothing!

By doing this, you will have put yourself gently in front of them and reminded them of your existence and services.

Many people, as you know, put up with pain and discomfort and think it will resolve itself with time and anti-inflammatories.  However, if your email pops into their Inbox on a day when the niggling pain is irritating them, then they are highly likely to call.  You can monitor the increase in bookings too.

When I started blogging, I didn’t know how it would be received.  So I am very lucky to receive emails from many of you every week commenting, for example, on how helpful a blog topic was.  Some of you just write to encourage me to keep going as you find what I’m doing is very inspiring.  I really do appreciate you getting in touch.

Being consistently visible will keep you top of mind for when your existing or new patients need you.

For instance, sixteen years ago I took my poorly 3 year old son Max, who was suffering with recurring ear infections, to see an osteopath in the next village.  However, he didn’t keep in touch with me.  I was fortunate anyway to later befriend another osteopath who has brilliantly cared for Toby’s needs throughout periods of chronic ill health.

The point is that it’s far easier to keep existing patients than to find new ones.  However, if you asked me exactly where that first osteopath was located or even his name, I couldn’t tell you!  If he had communicated with me occasionally, then I would probably still be taking my family to him.  Think how much revenue he has lost just from me alone.

StretchingBlogging, when coupled with newsletters with links back to your website, is a great way to offer extra value too.  With your Perfect Patient in mind, you can write 300-500 words on topics that will interest them.  For instance if you specialise in sports injuries then write about warm up or stretching exercises.  What are the most frequently asked questions from your patients?  Answer some of those as blog topics.

You can also set up your blog to automatically post links to your social media pages too.

Look out for my Thursday Thought newsletter this week as I’m compiling a list of blogging topics for you to steal and deploy!

These days, keeping in touch with your patients is vital to growing a strong and sustainable business.  So regularly compose some clearly written, succinct and informative blogs and watch your waiting room fill up!