Facebook Ads, what an easy way to get more patients huh? Bung some money at it, stick a pic on it, Bob’s your Uncle and…

Ahhhh – but wait..

Everyone’s doing it these days. You missed the boat didn’t you? So busy sitting out the back and wringing your hands because bookings were sh… ummm I mean… rubbish.

LIfe’s changed buddy. Things ain’t what they used to be. Tech and social media is moving on so fast it makes your eyes water/bleed/fillintheblank


The only thing that’s changing is that these things are going to continue RAPIDLY changing. And you’d better get with the programme buddy!

OK – sorry – I’m getting a bit “down with the kids” but honestly, we’re all going to have to keep up with the reality around us. Even our language isn’t the same as 25 years ago! Blogs? Posts? Social Media? Reach? Insights?

It’s no good burying our heads in the sand. Social media is MAHOOSIVE and it’s here to stay. More than that it will continue to rapidly grow, in my opinion, and evolve into an ever more integral part of our lives.

Are Facebook Ads for you?

So there’s every Tom, Dick and Harriet telling you that you NEED to get au fait with Facebook Ads and it’s the EASY way to get to your target market. They tell you they’ll get you new LEADS for a few coins. Yes it’s all wonderful in Facebook Ads land.

Well yes and no.


Most Osteos I’ve seen dabbling with this have got their fingers burnt and, similar to Google Ads and the like have found it a costly business with little return on investment to show for it.

Why doesn’t it generally work for Osteopaths?

Personally, I think (at the moment) online Facebook Ads etc don’t usually work for you because you’re dealing with people’s health. And maybe because you’re breaching etiquette.

Frankly, it’s like proposing marriage on the first date! Most will find this a little forward or even freaky…

I kid you not. A Facebook Ad is, if properly targeted, appearing in your potential patient’s news feed. Imagine for a moment if a Bereavement Counsellor popped a Facebook Ad in front of you. Or a Dentist. Or a Funeral Director.  Would you click and buy? Would you? On the first occasion you even heard of them?

I think not.

You need to see their Facebook page and their website. You need to see WHO is behind this page and what they stand for. You need to LIKE who they are and what they stand for. Most of all you need to TRUST that they are right for you and for the task you need them to fulfil. All this before you hand over a single penny.

You are highly unlikely to click and buy on the first occasion you see them in your news feed.

And that is why, without very keen long term goals, Facebook Ads probably won’t work for you.

Added to that, as you’ve probably heard, space in our news feeds is getting tighter as more people jostle for our attention.

Apart from family and friends, there’s the local butcher’s page we liked and the local running club along with the bike repair shop. They post some useful and interesting stuff. We like seeing it and interacting with it.

But we keep getting more friends and we keep liking more pages and then there’s the companies targeting us – Facebook is running out of space. And this is presenting a problem.

So if not Facebook Ads then what?

Crucially, I believe that you need to curate a very interesting page of content. Now that sounds both scary and flipping time consuming. But you can do it and you can create superb pages which your local population find interesting and love to connect with because you have something useful to say and share.

Best of all – you can do all that for ZILCH, FREE OR FOR PRACTICALLY NOWT!

That way you’re creating relationships with potential patients, demonstrating your expertise and sharing great information with them so that WHEN THEY ARE READY, they will come to you.

Bunging money at Facebook Ads (or anywhere else) is not the magic formula to building a cracking Practice.

Well thought through strategies and implementation of them are the keys to long lasting success.

I’ve done it from a standing start with just a crazy idea and a bag full of passion. A massive number of my Clients have done it from a place of little or no understanding of marketing.

And I believe that you can too.

During February we’ll be sharing the OSTEOBIZ LURVE on social media!

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