service your business engine

Don’t leave it too late to service your business!

That would be a ridiculous notion, right?  What would any sensible non-techie person do in reality?  If we didn’t know how to service our car, which most of us don’t, we would book it in to our local garage.  We would seek out the expert mechanic to quickly and efficiently look for problems, fix any faults and give it an oil change.

But what happens in your career if you don’t know how to ‘service your business’?  Inevitably, it’s going to break down.

Over in my Osteobiz group on LinkedIn, we’re having some fascinating discussions on this.  It’s interesting to hear how some Osteopaths are struggling along or even feel like giving up whilst the ebullient students are excited to get out there and build a thriving business.

What would a ‘service’ do for your business?

My experience to date has shown me how so many Osteopaths who are booked less than 80% of the time are still reluctant to get help.  And it’s heart-breaking to see how so many have lost confidence, think their skills are at fault and blame themselves.  It’s simply not true.  The Osteopathic schools spend years training you up to be highly skilled, to work ethically and be more than competent.  However, I have discovered that there are wildly differing opinions as to how quickly a graduating student might build a successful business.  Some say within 2 years and some say it takes up to 15 years!

I very much wanted to give final year students some encouragement and vital marketing information. And to that end, I have this week arranged to present a class in May to the final year students at the British School of Osteopathy.  Hopefully, they will take the basics of building a business with them and start their careers with some better defined goals and objectives.

The greatest misunderstanding of all

Just because the guy down the road is busier than you or appears to be ‘more successful’ doesn’t necessarily mean that his skills are any better than yours.  But it may be true that he’s currently a better marketer than you!

Indeed when a struggling Osteopath does finally concede that they need help with a ‘service of their business engine’ they often come to me quite downhearted.  However, we quickly establish where they are and where they want to be. Then we find avenues to explore, simple ways to attract new patients and easy cost-effective marketing to achieve their goals.

Generally, I work via Skype because I have Clients all over the UK and Ireland and even as far away as New Zealand and Canada.  Once we’ve had a consultation, I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see happy, smiling faces about to dash off and implement a whole bunch of fresh ideas.

You know that your service is absolutely essential and vital to your community.  Surely that’s why you became a highly trained and skilled Osteopath?  Please don’t let down your neighbours just because you aren’t sure how to present your essential services to them.  If I’m not your cup of tea, seek out someone who is, but please don’t delay another day.