High Value, Low Cost CPD – do you want it?

High Value, Low Cost CPD – do you want it?


Continuing Professional Development or CPD is an important part of our professional and business life. Obviously, unlike yourself, I’m not required by anyone to partake in any self development.  However, I would be a fool not to choose who I partner with very carefully.

In the past few years I have literally poured tens of thousands of pounds into my own development. (The Old Boy’s toes would curl if he knew…)

It’s simply not enough to have the kind of expansive and creative mind that I’m fortunate to have been born with.

You see, as a child I was accused of having an ‘overactive imagination’ which was apparently a bad thing. However, it turns out that in my business life, it’s a very good thing. Ideas for innovative marketing cascade out of me constantly! I literally have book shelves full of my scribblings! Indeed, an absolute corker of an idea popped into my mind just this morning and already I’m on it!

But if I have no real direction and strategy to my business development and skill set, whether or not I’ve got ideas, then I run the risk of extinction.

Five years ago there was no such thing as online CPD business development specifically for you

The key is to be different from the rest, to be utterly focused and to be as tenacious as a bulldog.

For instance, there’s new coaches and CPD providers popping up all over the place, who see other people’s results and want to emulate them. But copying others is not entrepreneurial and without offering anything new, it’s too early to know if they’re any good or will stay the course.

Just as in the animal world, we must all continue to evolve in all areas of our lives. Remaining static in these massively changing times, refusing to stay ahead of the curve or limping along into the sidings is just not an option. Simply doing what worked in the past is no guarantee that it will work in the future. Indeed Osteobiz has evolved massively since I had the original idea several years ago. And I also have massive plans for the future – not only for myself but for you too. I call it:


And that is now my new signature presentation. Indeed, if you’re going to the Osteopaths New Zealand AGM in August, you’ll be the first to hear it as I am being beamed in from London to deliver it! I’m massively honoured and excited about that opportunity.

But I digress.

Of course, you’ve seen it in larger companies where they have failed to innovate, failed to expand their markets or failed to recognise the new road ahead. Where are Woolworths, British Home Stores and Blockbuster now? If you could pick up an old phone directory from years ago, I wonder how many small businesses are still there in your area now?

Asking better questions

Whilst it’s more comfortable to stay rooted in the familiar, it’s a more dangerous place to stay than you might imagine.

My eyes and deliberations are always firmly focused on the future. I constantly ask myself, “What else does my community need?” or “How can I better serve my mission to help more people find Osteopathy?” or “How can I continue to inspire and empower my Clients to ensure their ongoing success?”

It’s vital that you take time to also reflect on how you can better serve your community. Does your voice need to be louder so that people in pain hear you above the deafening din of modern life?

Does your message need to be less generic and more profound so that people understand how you can help them?
And does your image need to be less ‘formal’ and more approachable, so that people are not intimidated by your austere appearance and encycopedic knowledge of all things human?

Tapping into innovative and cutting edge CPD

I love the work that Steven Bruce, Claire Short and their talented team are doing at Academy of Physical Medicine. We’ve been established for about the same time and have collaborated regularly. We have great synergy together and I think their CPD offerings and opportunities are fabulous.
We’ve often talked about further collaboration as we are such a great fit with each other.
However, as you may know, I’m an action taker…
At my recent Osteobiz Inspiration Day (it was fab and there will be more!) I tackled Steven with a spinning toe hold, half nelson choke and an elevated double chickenwing hold until the deal was done! (Don’t worry #OsteopathyWorks and he’s all good now.)


The Academy of Physical Medicine doesn’t simply provide more than double the CPD hours you need each year (including the “Learning With Others”).  There’s so much more – access to research reviews (digested summaries of current research); discounted MMI with Balens; cost-price clinic equipment; done-for-you blogging; free, bespoke website videos; business-building assistance and so much more! As a member of APM You can now even get Gilly’s famous Osteobiz Blueprint course for half price – that’s a saving of hundreds of pounts!
Run by practitioners, for practitioners, APM is one of the most trusted resources of its kind anywhere.
If you’re new to online CPD, then check out the APM deal and pssst – when you get to the order form, you can add in this nifty coupon code -> ->  GILLY20  and get 20% off the annual fee. Even better value is that there are all kinds of benefits to joining as well as saving you time, money and energy dashing around the country to attend events.
So one option is:
– Low Commitment (£6 sign up, £40.30 per month, cancel any time
– Low Cost:
– No sign up fee
– £288 per year, or £24 per month (but these are instalments on the annual fee, not a monthly subscription)
– One year rolling contract

– All prices on the annual contract are 20% discounted with the code GILLY20.  (It’s not available on the Low-Commitment option.)

So the big question is – would you love to get your hands on a year’s worth of valuable CPD you can dip into at leisure AND get an epic deal to work with me and build a thriving Osteobiz?

Click here if that’s a no brainer!

My friend, it’s a phenominal time to be alive.

Let’s crack on and make the most of it.

Always by your side…

~ Gilly x

PS: Talking of great questions – what’s the most critical thing for you to resolve in your life right now?

PPS: And what’s going to happen if you don’t?

Step up and play a bigger game in 2018!

Step up and play a bigger game in 2018!

play a bigger gameIn somewhat the same way as you do, I also spend my week busily dipping in and out of the structure and function of my Clients’ businesses, looking for the issues which keep them stuck. In creating new ways for them to promote their skills, we increase patient numbers, diary bookings and their bank balances.

But often I find that when they come to me they have slightly lost the lurve for their Osteobiz; it can feel like a struggle to maintain bookings and momentum. And that makes me sad.

Running a business is like driving a car: you need to crank up the engine, get into first gear and press the pedal to the metal to get traction! And this is how I perceive growing your Osteobiz and mine too.

Where is your focus?

However, if you stare at the car bonnet when driving, you are likely to weave about all over the place and crash into things. But if you look up and focus on the activity further down the road, you will drive effortlessly and find your way safely to your destination.

And just like the car’s engine needs fuel, a business also needs investment of time and money; the energy which propels it forwards. Further, in order for the car to progress down the road it needs purpose, intention and motivation from the driver.

It’s time to play a bigger game!

As we head into 2018, I’d like you to play a bigger game. What is your role within your community? Are you supporting it as well as you might? Are there improvements needed to the services you offer? Are you investing in your Osteobiz to improve your systems, your premises and patient comfort, your marketing and your online presence? Or are you staring at the car bonnet and wondering how you can stop weaving about without direction?

You could say, therefore, that my job is really to lift your eyes to the horizon and help you to see just what you can achieve with some vision and action.

Indeed this is the thrill of my work.

What’s on the horizon?

If you take your eyes off the minutiae of your daily work, the bookings, the money and the struggle, what is your bigger goal? What is the point of your work? Who do you serve? And how can you possibly do this better?

These are the answers which will ignite your engine and get you effortlessly shifting up through the gears.

Likewise, this week I have been deeply reflecting about my purpose and goals. And it surprised me a little to realise that my true purpose is not to help Osteopaths to grow their businesses at all! That would be just staring at the car bonnet and meandering about.

My horizon is simply to help more people in pain to find Osteopathy. And I’m achieving that by helping Osteopaths the world over to attract and treat more people in pain. Does that make sense?

It’s really that simple and being mindful of that at all times, keeps me focused and passionate about my objectives. Indeed, after 4 years of Osteobiz. I am inspired to play a bigger game in 2018 and I am already committed to pushing myself out of my comfort zone even further.

So this week, I’d like you to diarise an hour or two to take time out to reflect on your purpose and aims. Go somewhere quiet and check in with yourself. Question yourself carefully, mull over your practices, your goals, your set up and your intentions. Note down your findings.

Next comes inspired action

If your Clinic needs painting; paint it!

If your treatment room needs decluttering, declutter it!

If your premises are not ideal, change them!

If your systems need updating, update them!

If your diary bookings are dismal, get help to change that!

If you don’t know how to attract more patients, educate yourself!

If you need some help; get it!

If you’re not reaching your potential, are you happy with that? How long are you going to leave it before you make those changes and improvements? So many new Clients come to me after thinking about getting my help for many months or even years! I have to stop myself from thinking just how far further down the road they would have been by now if we had got cracking earlier!

I continually invest heavily in my own development, both personally and in my business. Indeed if the Old Boy knew how just much I invest he would probably wince! But, as a non business owner, what he wouldn’t understand was that if I was still operating and teaching how I did four years ago I would quickly go out of business! And that would be tragic!

Sadly, too many small business owners leave it too late to get help to implement changes. They procrastinate, hesitate and go round in circles, effectively staring at the bonnet for years on end.

And here’s the crack: every time I invest in a better system or a new business coach, focus on my horizon and play a bigger game, my business grows rapidly.

Funny that.

If you need some help with growing patient numbers, increasing bookings and want to say goodbye to an oscillating bank balance, I can help you.

There are several ways I can help but a really great start is with Osteobiz Whiz. My most popular four week entry level programme is designed to get you spending time on the actual strategies which work and dumping the stuff which is outmoded.

Find out how it helped Sam here 

What’s your Osteobiz Game Plan?

What’s your Osteobiz Game Plan?

Osteobiz Game Plan

It’s very easy for small businesses to drift along without reviewing and reflecting on the bigger picture. One year can merge with another with just a blink of an eye.

But in business, it is essential to periodically unpick the way we’re doing business, look at everything with a fresh eye and sort out a better game plan.

That can be one advantage of hiring someone like myself to review your Osteobiz. I will often unearth an untidy way of working, an outdated way of operating or an unwieldy system which no longer serves the business owner – or the patient for that matter.

Technology and the online world have both caused businesses to dramatically alter the way they work. Some will try very hard to continue to operate as they once did before all this newfangled tech. However, most ultimately end up seeing reduced patient numbers and fewer bookings if they don’t switch things up.

Changes in our world continue to happen at a ridiculous rate and there will be no let up. Staying stuck in the past and still trying to use old strategies will likely not help. The days of door to door leafleting and telephone directory listings are well over! Check out my recycling bin for the evidence.

What’s your Osteobiz Game Plan?

Just like you wouldn’t step out into a competitive sporting event without a strategic game plan, the same is required for business.

Here’s some aspects which will benefit from some reflection and cogitation:

  1. Financial goals – what have you achieved in the past year and what can you now aim for?
  2. Bookings – how are your numbers and what realistic increase could you set?
  3. Systems – where is time, money and energy being wasted?
  4. Technology – what could you implement which would improve your Osteobiz function?
  5. Assets – is everything being utilised to the max?
  6. Marketing – how could you improve your messages and community awareness of your services?

If you think it’s time to have an Osteobiz review, then strike out half a day in your diary and work through these questions. And if you’d prefer to have me cast my eye over everything, let’s get cracking!

Osteobiz Game Plan – NEW!

Writing this blog made me realise that it’s a great time of year to help you with your game plan. So I’ve created a new service for a limited time and limited numbers.

Book in for an hour’s bespoke strategy planning and we’ll look closely at the key ways you can ramp up your Osteobiz over the next few months. To add in some accountability, we’ll follow up a month later with a half hour session to see what you’ve achieved and decide exactly what you need to do next.

Let’s agree your Osteobiz Game Plan and keep up momentum in your business. Your potential patients will thank you for it!

All this for a ridiculously low fee of £297 or 3 payments x £99 (other currencies available)

If that’s a no brainer, act today and let’s create a shift for you!

I admit I invested in the wrong business coach!

I admit I invested in the wrong business coach!

business coachYou’d think a business coach would not make the fundamental mistake of investing in the wrong business coach wouldn’t you?

But I did.

You see I’m hungry to build my business as fast as possible because I want to help as many Osteopaths around the world as I can.

My ever busy brain is constantly thinking about what you need.  How else I can help you? What else can I put into my online courses to help you get busier? Or simply, what’s a really great blog title to inspire you?

I totally value the business coach I’ve worked with for a few years. She has honed my skills, inspired me and kicked me up the backside when I’ve dithered too!

But I wanted more and I felt like I needed to boost my business still further. So I got into bed with some rather gorgeous thriving fellas…

They filled my head with pictures of amazing success and held out the carrot of becoming an industry influencer. I got a wee bit excited.

I invested a huge sum of money

The Old Boy wanted to know how much. So I told him and he winced. You have to speculate to accumulate, I reminded him cheerily as I dashed off to the first training session in London.

Yawn. I came home again. It was a very long day and I had made some lovely new friends; all wanting to develop their businesses. I knew this stuff inside out and taught it daily but presumed that they were simply getting everyone on the same page.

The following month, I went again and hooked up with my new mates. I dug a little deeper into their businesses. I found that many didn’t even have one yet…

I listened well, made copious notes about the value of a brochure, promised to design one and came home again.

Their methodology was all wrong for me

Now these guys are really lovely fellas – which I may have mentioned already…

BUT the principles that they were teaching me were exactly what I already teach my Clients on my courses and in my private client work.

Their fundamental blueprint was what I already knew and was applying daily. Finally, I realised that I was paying a huge sum of money for them to coach me on pitching for corporate business.

My business is 99.9% online, stretching around the globe. Only one little Osteo darling skips up to my Osteobiz HQ front door for a hug, a cuppa and a weekly business building session. I do love that though!

And what was I going to do with a flipping printed brochure? Feed it down the internet cable?

I don’t mind if you don’t choose me as your business coach!

Really I don’t! But I do want you to learn from my costly mistake.

I have a variety of interesting enquiries every day.

Some aren’t actually ready to take action and make some changes.

Some are comfortable in their struggle.

Some are merely exploring and wonder if they can muddle on a bit longer by themselves.

Others appreciate that I’m a specialist in my Osteobiz niche and worth investing in and harnessing for speedy results.

Whatever they decide is right for them.  I don’t promise astounding results. I don’t massage their ego. I don’t blow smoke up anywhere either!

However, I’m a down to earth farmer’s daughter who has an entrepreneurial eye for spotting your opportunities. I dive in with practical solutions. And I have a knack for seeing what you often can’t. I explore your individual circumstances and identify what steps you can take next to grow your patient numbers.  One size certainly does not fit all!

I work very hard with my private clients to build their businesses, make them more successful and earn more for their families. I inspire reluctant or shy Osteopaths to interact more competently with their communities. And I encourage them to embrace new ideas and implement effective strategies, to deliver the results they seek.

Although, apparently, I’m a bit quirky.  So I’m certainly not for everyone and that’s OK with me.

Just watch out for those who will fill your head with wild promises whilst eyeing up your wallet…

I’ve recently upgraded, overhauled and improved my private coaching packages for even better value and results.

Find out more here

5 Ways A Coach Can Help You Boost Your Osteobiz

5 Ways A Coach Can Help You Boost Your Osteobiz


Whilst you were training, you might not have been told that there is far more to running an Osteobiz than just treating patients!

Not only do you have to keep up to date with your CPD, keep an eye on changing regulations and ensure that the clinic records are completed but you also have to keep bringing in those new patients!  It’s enough to drive you crazy!  Of course there is an art to this and it’s not just about strategies but also about confidence and mindset.

How a Business Development Coach can help you grow your Osteobiz:

1. Strategies

Taking a look at your overall situation, a specialist Coach will look for areas where you could deploy proven methods for running a more efficient business.  I would certainly look for underutilised opportunities and devise ways to improve matters.

Where there is a boom and bust cycle of bookings, there will be further ways to correct this too. Creating steady patient flow is crucial to any business. Not to mention a steady cash flow!

2. Streamlining

Where an Osteopath is struggling to manage all aspects of their Osteobiz, a Coach will look at ways to work more efficiently. Technology has moved on so fast and there are many ways to improve Practice management.

Freeing up time to concentrate on the important work with patients is key. Wherever systems can be streamlined they must be and if some aspects of admin can be outsourced, that will also improve matters.

3. Marketing

Often overlooked by Osteopaths, marketing is a vital aspect of business management. With the crazy online world impacting on our already hectic offline world, having a clear plan will ensure that we don’t waste time unnecessarily. Skillful online marketing is now a priority to easily and constantly attract more people struggling with pain.

With only the skimpiest of budgets it is now so easy to get your message in front of more of the very people who need your help. Equally, we need to ensure that we not only support other local small businesses but also promote Osteopathy with clear messages.

4. Focus

The most successful Osteopaths stay positively focused on their desired outcome. Call it goals or call it intention, this is powerful stuff. Knowing what we want means that we can keep taking baby steps towards it. No more frenzied activity!

A coach can help enormously with focus, actionable tasks, developing a keen mindset, a ‘can do’ attitude, positive reinforcement, praise, encouragement and above all inspiration.

5. Consistency

Maintaining patient flow is what we’re looking to achieve. The only way to reach this goal is to continue to help you to grow your business in a consistent and persistent manner.

A coach will ensure that you have all the latest systems in place and sound strategies set going forwards. Because, sadly, once a business is static it will begin to go into decline and that’s when the panic sets in. Ensuring that time is set aside for business development is an absolute priority.

This Osteobiz Coach wants to help you to grow your patient list!

If you’re finding that patient numbers are dropping, then I can help you.  I’m like a mad woman on a mission!

Whatever your budget we can work together.  If it helps, I always offer installments to assist with cash flow. Nobody gets left behind on MY watch!

You can work one to one with me, which is the quickest way to increasing your bookings. Otherwise, you can take one of my online group CPD courses which train you how to grow a sustainable Osteobiz. All the materials are accessible online whenever you want and we work consistently through them and hook up in the hugely supportive Facebook group.

Take a look here to find out more.

Alternatively, call me on 0788 736 7936 to find out what I think is the best option for your unique situation.

Get clear for the New Year!

Get clear for the New Year!

Gilly Woodhouse New YearNew Year – new Osteobiz?

Don’t worry – I’m going to go easy on you!  It may be a cliche but the onset of the New Year really does represent an opportunity to take stock and look at our business, our numbers and our aspirations for our life in the next 12 months.

To be honest, being a creative type, sometimes I’m not too hot on my numbers.  Too many statistics and my brain freezes.

BUT – if we’re trying to grow a successful business, we really do need to get to grips with the basics in order to be able to plot our progress.

Last year I got down to business and monitored my numbers properly.  I have to say that it had quite a dramatic effect on my success.

This New Year, I’ve hit the ground running

It’s true that where you put your focus is where the magic happens.  So in monitoring our figures, we can see exactly where we need to add extra energy and attention and therefore bring about the results we want.

So I will be keeping a very close eye on my basic stats this year because I have made it my intention to at least quadruple my Client numbers and income.  Over the festive season I stepped back from the coal face and planned out my year.  I even mapped out a comprehensive new Osteobiz course.

I decided that there is far more I can be doing to help Osteopaths the world over to attract and treat more patients and create the Osteobiz they desire.  I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing with my life.

Indeed already this week, via the magic of Skype, I am coaching a Brit, an Aussie and a Kiwi!  Next week is already looking similar as many have come back to work and decided that enough is enough and changes need to be made.  Take a look at my coaching packages here

After all, the old adage is correct in that if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we will keep getting the same results.  Sometimes the recipe just needs some simple changes and a tweak here and there.  Suddenly we have something far more delicious to enjoy!

So what should we be thinking about?

As we return after the New Year bubbly, let’s make sure that we know the following:

  • How much income do we need to cover our basic monthly costs?
  • How many patients does this translate to?
  • How many new patients have we attracted?
  • How many followers do we have on Facebook, Twitter etc?
  • How many visits to our website do we have each day/week/month?

Noting these figures on a monthly basis will help to keep you focused as you head through the new year.

Then, looking at your Osteobiz as a whole:

  • What do you want to change?
  • What isn’t working well for you?
  • What niggles you?
  • What do you wish worked better?
  • What systems need changing?
  • What have you been putting off?
  • What structures need to be put in place?
  • What extra support do you need?
  • What’s working well that you could do more of?

On the flip side of that, keep an eye on looking after YOU:

  • Diarise this year’s holiday breaks
  • Note down when you want to see your own Osteopath
  • Schedule in some treats like a day out on your birthday, a long weekend in the country, a spa day etc
  • Celebrate when you’ve worked hard and hit your targets too

And if you’d like my free Osteobiz Annual Marketing Planner, just jump over here to get your hands on it!

Meantime, have a wonderful New Year, let me know if you need my help and let’s crack on!