The easy way to new patients

The easy way to new patients

new patientsSometimes in my work, I can initially feel a bit of resistance from new Clients, to doing things differently. Moving out of our comfort zones, even if they’re unpleasant, can still feel daunting.

However, a point has clearly been reached where reality is worse than the effort required to change things.

So we work together to create a shift, approach marketing from a completely different angle and learn new skills to attract new patients. Because our world is evolving at breakneck speed, it’s vital that we keep up lest we get left behind!

However, once I’ve developed my Clients’ mindsets, I can notice a shift in their confidence. And once I’ve coached them in highly targeted marketing they begin using their bespoke strategies to easily attract new patients.

Watching children at play

Sitting on the tube the other day, I noticed two little girls swinging around the central pole by the doors. It was delightful to watch their simple pleasure and also to note that their mother wasn’t micromanaging them!  They spun around in opposite directions, the smaller child skimming under the arm of the taller girl, her fluffy topknot ponytail bobbing back up each time.

I realised after a few minutes that they were largely oblivious to us onlookers. They were living in the moment, playing with what was available to them and exploring their surroundings. They didn’t care what we thought and they had no regard for ‘rules’ or what was ‘expected’ of them.

It’s a shame that during our teens we start overthinking everything, something which can often continue into adulthood. The fears in our heads are almost always about what others will think of us or, worse still, peer judgement. Our thinking can ‘make up’ stuff that has no basis in truth but which stifles our ability to reach our potential.

And in business that can threaten our success because if we can’t market ourselves confidently, our results will likely be mediocre.

How to easily attract new patients

That’s why the first thing I work on with Clients is clarity of purpose, playing the long game and developing their expectation of success.  They soon shift up their thinking, get over themselves and get out into their communities with powerful messages.

Then they’re soon coming back to me on their coaching calls saying:

“3 new patients yesterday.”

“6 new patients booked in this week already!”

“35 patients last week – and that’s the most ever.”

“I’m so busy I need to look for an Associate soon.”

and after only one week of opening a brand new clinic…

“3 new patients last week, 5 new patients this morning and 3 more booked for Friday!”

It may surprise you to know that these are all actual Client quotes from only the last TWO days!

So strip back that stifled persona and unleash your inner child on the world.

I promise that your new patients will applaud you for it.

Are you ready for the Osteobiz fast lane?

Are you ready for the Osteobiz fast lane?

osteobiz fast lane

Out in the Osteobiz fast lane, I work with action takers who want results.

And I urge and inspire you to drop any limited thinking and dream big. Let’s not accept the limitations of average. Let’s go in search of sensational.

Because on the Osteobiz Motorway, you’ve got control of the wheel, you’ve got your foot on the gas and I’ve got the map to where you want to go!

Osteobiz Gold is by far the fastest way to a fully booked diary. We work out the exact strategies for YOUR unique Osteobiz and what you want it to look like when we’ve finished building it.

Join the Osteobiz fast lane and create a thriving Practice in the shortest time possible. In return, I invest my complete attention on your business development and sustained results for as long as you need it.

But hold on tight because we are going to crack on at lightening speed! Destination Osteobiz Success is where we’re heading…

We’ll look at every aspect of your Osteobiz. We’ll look for where savings can me made. We’ll look at your pricing, your team, your strategies and your systems.

And then we’ll work together to get it all sorted, once and for all.

Osteobiz Blueprint and Osteobiz Whiz are my two most popular online CPD courses.

Osteobiz Blueprint does exactly what it says on the tin. It simply consists of the key elements of the strategies I share with my VIP Clients but delivered via online modules in a step by step manner. So you still get quick results but in a fabulous and supportive group setting.

The current group of global Osteopaths (Bluepers) are tight knit and support each other in their journey together. If they’re stuck they come to the group. If they have a great win they share with the group. They are real trailblazers and I’m very proud of them and the massive results they are achieving.

Osteobiz Whiz is perfect for those who don’t know where to begin with their marketing. This entry level course gives you the tools to understand who you’re trying to attract and what to say to get their attention. We work out how to perfectly present yourself on social media and out there in your specific community.

Say goodbye to feeling stuck and start finding out how to attract hundreds more patients who need your help.

Osteobiz Mastery is very low investment monthly subscription support group but still has great tools and resources. This is less about strategic business building and more about what’s new on social media, what’s working right now etc.

My graphic designer makes us lots of beautiful memes each month. All you have to do is add your website so they are your property and pop them out on social media – simples! There’s tips, advice and Q&A sessions. We take the strain out of markeitng, so you can get on with treating! Roadtest it here for only a tenner.

No matter how Osteopaths work with me, I’ve noticed that there is one key element to all my Clients who grow and are successful.

It’s their mindset.

They don’t whinge. They don’t worry about stuff they can’t control. They don’t blame organisations,competitors, the weather, the time of year or the economy.

They pick up the Osteobiz baton and they TAKE ACTION and IMPLEMENT!

They pay attention to the course strategies and my specific advice. They stay accountable to themselves, to me and to the process and they GET THINGS DONE!

Think Alex Polizzi and ailing hotel owners!

Investing time, energy and money into working with me is vital if you’re fed up with the status quo and want to create a thriving health hub for your community.

If you put in the effort, your return on investment will stagger you. More than that, you and your family deserve to be enjoying the fruits of your labour rather than muddling by.

And instead of FEELING like a local charity, you can now start properly GIVING to charity.

Out on the Osteopathic Motorway, you can reach your desired destination quickly or slowly. It really is your choice.

But I highly recommend the Osteobiz fast lane.

Where shall we go today?

You can decide right now.

Post GDPR Stress Disorder

Post GDPR Stress Disorder

GDPRWell that was a monumental headache wasn’t it? GDPR turned out to be more of a pain than the occasional emptying of our Junk Boxes!

During May, my personal Junk Box and Inbox were totally rammed full of multiple emails from the same company begging me to reconfirm that I wanted to receive their emails. To be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered with it.

However, what was interesting was that in the main, I noticed that the big companies were not doing this. However, the small companies and sole traders were. This fact made me pause for thought – what legal advice had they been given?

Some of my friends who also have their own businesses sent several emails over the weeks leading up to GDPR D Day. They were asking me ‘Is this the end?’ or ‘Are you sure you don’t want to hear from me any more?’

I know many in my Facebook group #OsteopathyWorks were doing the same after major scaremongering by certain ‘experts’. Some of these surely made a mint out of the confusion.

These begging emails felt more spammy than spam!

Quite frankly that whole period was annoying, super spammy AND time consuming!

In the last couple of decades, building an email list has been a vital part of growing a business. We don’t own our social media pages and they can be closed down at will by the companies, leaving us with no followers and a broken business. At least our email list belongs to us. Or does it?

Was GDPR just about wrecking small businesses?

I held off from getting into the fray whilst the dust settled and finally some sensible advice came from the Deputy Commisioner of the ICO. During a couple of radio interviews he explained that if we already had an existing email list and had onging relationships with those people, then we could continue.

He said that going forwards we should be properly transparent with how we handled their personal information via a Privacy Policy.

That made enormous sense to me. The aim of the new regulations was to put a stop to major spamming by large firms who bought lists and then subsequently hounded people with unsolicited email and phone calls.

Indeed I know of a highly ambitious player in the coaching world who invested in and bought Osteopathic, Chiropractic and other lists and spammed them like crazy. I would bet my bottom dollar that he hasn’t begged people to opt back in to his lists!! At least he didn’t ask me…

It is inconceivable that the aim of the GDPR changes was to destroy legitimate small businesses by decimating their email lists. Whilst email isn’t as big a marketing tool as it used to be, it is still very important in maintaining contact with people who are customers or who have signed up for our newsletters.

Small businesses are here to serve our communities and to suddenly stop communicating with our customers and potential customers is likely to damage our growth and our ability to serve.

Indeed, I have been told many times: ‘whilst I don’t open every email from you, I always know you’re there if I need you’ and that is it in a nutshell. Reassurance and connection.

And of course, as is the case with everyone, I get the occasional unsubscribe (that has always been an option within my emails) and that is totally OK with me.

If someone’s circumstances have changed or they decide for whatever reason that they are no longer interested in our information, then they can leave our lists with a simple click of a button.

No drama.

International Osteopathic Healthcare Week 2018

International Osteoapthic Healthcare Week is a superb opportunity to educate and inform your community about how you help them back to health.

You can talk about being curious about why they are experiencing pain and discomfort. You could mention that you’re like a Pain Detective, looking for the root cause of their pain. You could say that like a car needs a mechanic to fix it sometimes, you’re there to maintain their optimum health and function.

Whatever you say, say it loud, say it often and keep repeating it. We live in a very busy world where a monumental amount of information is constantly bombarding us. Eventually your message will land with the people who need your help. But you may not get through to them until they’ve heard it a dozen times or more!

International Osteopathic Healthcare Week

This is running from 15-22 April, so it’s a great idea to get this trending by using the hashtags #OsteoapthyWorks and #IOHW2018.

If we all do this on our social media a few extra times this week and get excited about it, we can create a shift in the public’s perceptions.

Click my Facebook page link to find lots of shareable short videos to help you get the message across.

Here’s one which has been shared over 50 times already!

Strong, consistent marketing will lead to massively increased patient numbers.

Let’s keep sharing the message that #OsteopathyWorks

Thank you.

Reasons reap results!

Reasons reap results!

reasonsPeople will only act because they have reasons to. Every purchase, every service bought and every action will have been backed up by reasons:

Because I’m worth it

Because I need a new shirt

Because it makes me feel good

Because I like it

Because I need help

Even if we don’t speak it out loud, we will have rationalised WHY we are taking a certain action.

So what are the reasons to see an Osteopath?

When it comes to marketing, why would we bang on about the intricacies of Osteopathy?

Your next new patient only needs to know one thing.

“WHY would I invest in Osteopathic treatment?”

And all you have to do is give them the reasons.








Similarly, why would you invest in Osteobiz training?

Some of the reasons are:

If you don’t have a decent framework for your business, it won’t grow

If you have no systems in place to handle patients, you will get bogged down and exhausted

If you don’t understand your target market, your marketing won’t work

If you don’t keep consistently marketing, your patient numbers will drop

And ultimately, if you don’t fix the problems, you could end up staring at an empty diary


You need a decent and strategic framework in your business in order for it to grow

Deploying systems within that framework will enable you to thrive and avoid overwhem

Understanding your target market will make your marketing work like magic

Consistently great marketing means patient numbers will grow, giving you greater satisfaction

Taking regular action to improve your Osteobiz structure, means it’s probably going to function better…

Over to youjot down the reasons why a typical patient would choose to book to see you.


Here’s another reason to get cracking on building a sound Osteobiz – until Saturday 7 April, you can save a bunch of money on my very popular online CPD courses.

Choose Ostoebiz Blueprint if you want to scale up your business or Osteobiz Whiz if you simply want to understand and improve upon your marketing skills

Click here to find out more

3 Common Social Media Mistakes!

3 Common Social Media Mistakes!

social media mistakesSocial media mistakes are now highly detrimental to your ablity to connect with potential patients. I spend a large amount of time trawling through social media business pages and a goodly amount of time face-palming!

You see, where there is no strategy there is little likelihood of getting results. So that’s valuable time and engery put into marketing but with no clear idea what you’re trying to achieve.

#1 Mistake – incomplete information

Having incomplete information on your social media pages, is like having a leaflet with no contact details! Only today I came across a Facebook page but there was no website for me to find out more. There was scant information about the person. Indeed so I wasn’t even sure it they were male or female. That could be a very important piece of information for a person in pain.

FIX: Let’s check every social media page you have and ensure that all information is complete so that potential patients know who they’re dealing with.

#2 Mistake – sending potential patients to other media websites

The whole point of engaging with potential (and current patients) on social media is to create and sustain converstaions, rapport and build trust. As you know, social media and the internet in general is a bit of a rabbit hole, down which it’s possible to disappear for long periods!

But if you think that posting a BBC or Washington Post article is being helpful to your marketing, think again! Once they’ve clicked the link and gone off to read this, they may very well head off again somewhere else via another link. They may well have forgotten how they even got there in the first place. So what has this tactic achieved? You’ve very kindly added to the number of hits a media organisation got for its article!

FIX: Take the subject matter and write up a synopsis in your own words. Talk about this particular news or point of view and give your own opinion. Now you are building trust with your potential patient.

#3 Mistake – not posting for weeks or even months

It saddens me when I find a social media page where nothing has been posted for weeks or months! It makes me wonder what’s going on in their life. Why are they neglecting their followers? Why are they not sharing valuable information and advice?

FIX: Ensure there is sacrosanct time set aside in the diary for social media marketing. After all, it’s free and it works like a dream if you keep going with it. If you don’t put petrol in your car it will grind to a halt; this is much the same.

It’s time to become as strategic in social media marketing as you are in treatment!

Work out who you’re trying to connect with. How do you help them? What do they need? How do you help them etc etc. Once you have worked out your strategies, you can implment them and stop making those social media mistakes!