clinic decor

When was the last time you gave your Clinic decor a review?  Do you endlessly walk in and out of your seemingly revolving front door but never actually ‘SEE’ what your patients see?

Do you even think it’s important to your patients’ experience in your Clinic?  Recently, in our Osteobiz Success Formula group, we’ve been looking at this topic in more detail. So I commissioned an Expert Masterclass from successful Interior Designer Heather Craig in Northern Ireland.  She has extensively researched the subject of Clinic decor and its effects on how patients feel and has come up with some surprising results.

Creating nurturing Clinic decor is trending in America

This is a subject which is studied in detail in America and there are many evidence based studies showing that a poor environment can indeed make patients feel uncomfortable or unsettled.  This may lead to them not returning for follow up treatment or, worse, giving negative comments to others.

There is evidence to show that general clutter can make people feel uneasy whilst a calm and fresh Clinic decor can help people to feel at ease. Privacy and respect for personal boundaries are crucial for those who may be nervous or shy. Indeed Heather reports that her own sister was horrified to find herself being treated in a rather grubby Clinic at dusk with no curtains to prevent passersby looking in!  Imagine how many friends she told about that experience!

I recommend a six monthly appraisal of both your Clinic decor and also the exterior of your premises. Sometimes it can be difficult to make changes where the property owner is not keen but even so there may be simple improvements you can make yourself.  But do take the journey that your Patients take and honestly appraise it.  Let’s walk round together:

Outside your Practice

Check the approach to your Practice. Is the signage clear, clean and visible from the road? Are there any overgrown shrubs hiding your signage? Are there any pots with less than healthy plants in view?  Is the paintwork fresh? Is there a build up of rubbish blown in by the wind? Is the welcome mat worn out?

What about your Clinic decor?

Coming in through the door how does it look? Is the paintwork clean? Does it smell fresh in there? Is the floor covering in good condition? Does it need hoovering or mopping? Is the waiting area welcoming? Is there a clutter of leaflets and magazines? What can you remove to make the place calmer? Is the artwork pleasing to the eye or has it lost its charm? If the seating is basic, would it benefit from adding a cushion or two to make it less austere?  Is there a pleasing colour scheme or it is magnolia?

Moving into your treatment room, what do you see? A cluttered desk with Patient notes, paperwork and myriad bones? Walls full of posters, random pictures and stuff? Shelves burdoned by books, piles of papers and random ornaments? Those towels, plinth covers and pillow cases get washed to death – what state are they in today?  Is it time to invest in new ones? Are there any dusty fake flowers or plants which no longer look healthy? Look up and scout for cobwebs or dusty shelves.

I don’t mean to be harsh!  Indeed, I looked at my own Osteobiz HQ yesterday and quickly had a much needed major declutter! Afterwards I felt so much better. There is something about too much stuff which irritates and befuddles our brains!

Check out your Clinic decor today and make a diary note to check it again in January.

Let Heather’s Masterclass make your Clinic better!

And if you have no idea where to start, Heather has agreed to let you purchase this Masterclass.  In it she shares her extensive knowledge of soothing colour combinations, smartening up the exterior of your premises, creating a welcoming and comfortable waiting area, helping your patients to feel nurtured and relaxed in your treatment room and how to create an overall haven which will ensure that they want to come back to you whenever it’s needed.

Whilst teaching at the BSO Osteopathic Refresher on Sunday, one of the questions in the Q&A session at the end was about my thoughts on running a Practice from home. Heather’s Masterclass enabled me to give a much fuller answer than I may have been able to give previously.

You can click here to get access to Heather’s valuable Masterclass right now. (This is an affiliate link)

Usually priced at £59, Heather is offering you a special rate of £49 until midnight Tuesday 21 June so be quick! It’s great value and packed full of inspiring resources you can go back to again and again.

I’m happy to give you 2 hours CPD for completing this Masterclass study.