The other day I was chewing the cud with a colleague who is a very successful Cranial Osteopath. We were on a course and having a chat about how your Practice can stand out and get noticed.

In my own High Street, for instance, my friend and fabulous Osteopath Anne has a Clinic within a large and busy GP Practice. Her leaflets and posters are visibly on display and the doctors also refer to her. So she is solidly booked every week. People who don’t know her can see the posters etc and understand what she does.


Is your Clinic really noticeable?

However, on a busy junction of the village is a large building with a beauty salon beckoning people in. High up on the first floor there is a small sign saying ‘Osteopath’. When people are bumbling along with their shopping bags, they rarely look upwards though.

But last week this guy took action and suddenly a model of a spine appeared in the shop window. Above that in large orange striking letters stuck to the window appeared the word ‘O S T E O P A T H‘. NOW his Clinic is visible!

Back to the chat with my colleague, he was laughing about how people rarely used to notice the signage for his Clinic. Not only does he have a first floor sign, he also has a humongous sign on the side of the building! But people STILL didn’t notice that he was there.

One day he decided to try an experiment. He bought a mobile sign with his branding on it, stuck a leaflet dispenser on it and popped it beside his Clinic door. Guess what? Now that people had this sign board cropping up in their way on the pavement, they noticed. Leaflets flew out of the dispenser and bookings rocketed!

My question today is – how can your Practice get better noticed?