Osteobiz Blueprint

Online Group Course (10 Hours CPD)

  • Keen to grow your Patient list and Practice right now?
  • Fed up with time and money being wasted on leaflet drops and adverts?
  • Want to get your marketing sorted once and for all?
  • Fed up of feeling alone, unsupported and unsure about what steps to take?
  • Worrying about fluctuating patient numbers?
  • Wondering if you’re making mistakes but there’s nobody to confide in?
  • Scared of being unable to pay the bills every month?
  • Worrying that perhaps you’re not a very good Osteopath?
  • Wish there was a Mentor who could confidently steer you in the right direction?
  • Sound familiar?

Well you’re actually not alone if you’re feeling even remotely like this. Most of the Osteopaths who decide to come to me for help are struggling or have lost their way in the new world of technology and social media marketing.

But it doesn’t have to be such a nightmare. There is a solution and that is the OSTEOBIZ BLUEPRINT coupled with my mentoring and support!

I’ve taken my years of experience working with hundreds of Osteopaths around the world along with my own business experience. I’ve distilled the whole lot down and created this six month online course to really ring the changes!

I promise that you will quickly learn:

  • the exact steps you need to take to keep your patient numbers and income increasing
  • exactly what your core message is and where to direct it
  • how to harness social media so that it’s not a pain
  • easy marketing strategies which actually work
  • innovative ideas for growth which most people don’t even know about
  • getting your message across effectively so that your potential patients hear it
  • shortcuts, tips and efficient practices so no more faffing about
  • clear strategies which work every time
  • renewed confidence, vigour and love for both your Osteobiz and yourself

No matter where you are on your Osteobiz journey, if you’re not fully booked most of the time, you need some help, support and direction. Please don’t wait until you’re even more stuck before getting my help.

You’re here because it’s time to take action, invest in yourself and get back on track!

If you follow the Osteobiz Blueprint step by step with my support, you will find your new patient numbers increasing and you will quickly recoup your investment.

Remember – most people in your community will have no idea how you can help them. We need to shake up your marketing, get the language right and ensure that they know you are the health hub in the community who loves to reduce their pain. Is that what you wanted when you signed up to be an Osteopath?

My Clients love that I’m NOT an Osteopath because I keep it real, I keep pointing you towards what your potential patients need from you and I help you to communicate with them better than you ever have before. My Clients also love that I’m verging on evangelical about my passion to help more people find Osteopathic treatment!  

Future-proofing Osteopaths everywhere – a rock of support and great ideas!

Nathan Reynolds, Osteopath

How does it work?

I share with you the six essential elements of a thriving Osteobiz so that you fully understand how exactly to grow new patient numbers. This is delivered to you automatically with a new module opening up in the online portal every month – so there’s absolutely no overwhelm!  We take baby steps together, don’t worry!

All the course materials are available to you to revisit and revise whenever you want and there’s no end date!  There is no such thing as being ‘behind’ so don’t worry. You can download whatever you like and print off all the extra materials and planners as many times as you like. It’s all super easy and I know you’re going to love it!

Our friendly and supportive Facebook group is a hive of activity and is a great place to ask questions, get help and share successes. Everyone is in the same boat, so it’s a super safe environment in which you can grow.

Live and regular Q&A sessions with me in the Facebook group make sure that you don’t get stuck and can move forwards confidently. I want you to get all your questions answered, develop your business skills and keep implementing them so that you can soar all by yourself!

What is my investment?

This course harnesses my many years experience of small business to get you moving fast towards Osteobiz success, more patients and greater financial stability.

Because it is a group course, your investment is way less than if you work one to one with me but you still get as much help and support from you as you wish. Simply pop into the super supportive Facebook forum and ask anything you like!

This six months 10 hour CPD course to build your dream Osteobiz is just £1,500 and you can even choose 5 payments x £300 if that’s easier on your cash flow.

I will be working intensively with you during this period via the private Facebook forum where you can get all the help, ideas and solutions you need.  Equally, I expect you to crack on and implement what you’re learning. The steps work very effectively – all you need to do is take action.

Installments and other currencies are available on the order form so you can choose the package which suits you best.

Are you ready to sort out your Osteobiz once and for all, enjoy a diary packed with patients who value what you do and finally ditch the financial worries for good?

OK – click here and let’s get cracking!

Osteobiz Blueprint


Yes I want to grow my Osteobiz now!

Prefer to start with a shorter course?

Osteobiz Whiz is a four module entry level course which gives your 4 hours CPD.

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