newspapers1One of my lovely Clients has been beavering away with her marketing and producing amazing results.  Since our coaching session this young lady really understands her target market and what appeals to them.    Amongst other marketing activities, she is consistently working her social media and attracting attention.

She does not post items which are technical or scientific because she knows they are not relevant to her audience. Instead she posts gorgeous and attractive images which speak volumes to her followers.  These quickly get shared many times and spread to an even wider audience.

My Client has also set up a new database and I’ve shared my training video with her which details how to create and send beautifully crafted emails.  Regular blogging and newsletters will keep her top of mind and create additional bookings.

Taking marketing to the next level

But we decided that we should ramp up her marketing even more.  In targeting local newspapers and magazines, she can get free PR and get in front of even more potential patients.  The key is to combine Osteopathy and a noteworthy story.

But rather than playing small, today I’ve suggested that she contact relevant nationwide newspapers and publications.  This will then make it really easy to get interest from the local magazines and papers.  After all, the journalists are constantly under pressure to bring newsworthy items to their readers.  They will happily feature an item which will appeal to a wide audience and be relevant, interesting and inspiring.

Practising what I preach!

Indeed, I did this myself by contacting the Editor of Osteopathy Today and having an item about burnout published.  I received some great feedback about it too with many Osteopaths thanking me for bringing the subject out into the open.  They felt that it was a warning to younger Practitioners that working 6 day weeks with endless back to back patients could ultimately lead to debilitating illnesses such as fibromyalgia.

More importantly, creating a newsworthy story and getting it published will also position you as an expert.  Additionally, you can mention on your website homepage ‘As featured in X and Y newspapers or magazines’ which further sets you apart from the crowd.

However, it is really important to include some extremely good quality digital photographs.  These must be compelling and striking because it will be those which draw the reader to want to know what the article is about.

Which topics would the newspapers be interested in?

Think about how you can tie in a story with:

  • a local event
  • a current newsworthy event
  • a season of the year
  • a celebration such as Christmas
  • a patient who is achieving great results in their sport
  • mums who are cradling happy babies who were previously unsettled
  • an amazing improvement in a patient’s condition which they are happy to be publicised

Just imagine if every Osteopath around the globe got a powerful article published in national press and local newspapers!  That would dramatically elevate the ‘invisible’ field of Osteopathy and bring greater understanding to the huge populations who have never heard of it.

Go on – get your thinking cap on and write a compelling story for the newspapers!