It’s 3am and Bob is awake with excruciating pain running down his left leg.

Every time he moves, he winces and let’s out a groan.

His wife slams the pillow over her head as she desperately tries to get some sleep before the kids bounce in at 6am.

Bob shifts with a sharp intake of breath.

He’s so frustrated that he grabs his phone and consults Dr Google.

Anxiously, he wonders if he’s ever going to feel well again.

He’s fearful that he’s going to have to live with this miserably painful existence for ever.

In that middle of the night moment of pain, he catastrophises that maybe he’ll even die…

Dr Google gives him some possible answers ranging from a trapped nerve to bone cancer.

Bob feels the hot sweaty fear burn through his body.

He knows he needs help but, in these times, who is out there?

Bob notices that one of his search results is a blog from an Osteopath about leg pain.

He clicks through and reads it, recognising himself and his symptoms.

He can see from the site that the Osteopath is called Sam.

He’d actually prefer to be seen by a man but there’s no image of the practitioner.

Bob isn’t sure who they are or even if he’d like them.

He weighs this up and decides that he’ll book in anyway as he’s beginning to trust that this Osteo might help him.

As another electric shock of pain surges down his leg, he clicks the contact page.

There’s a form to fill in which makes him feel sick.

He can barely focus, let alone type on his phone.

Then he spots a mobile number.

Bob hovers over it and hesitates.

He desperately wants to call it but his common sense stops him.

What if he wakes Sam up in the middle of the night?

What if they shouted at him for waking them up?

With resignation, Bob gives up and groans at not having found any help.

He reaches over to his glass of water and downs two more high dose painkillers.

Bob tries and fails to find a slightly more comfortable spot where he might get some relief from the pain before morning.

He still doesn’t know who can help him out of this agony…

Sam was so close to helping this poor man

How many more Bobs have found you in their hour of need?

And how many did you fail to serve because of outdated and unhelpful systems of communication?

The truth is that you’ll never know.

Even if you’re busy enough right now, please don’t be complacent.

We find ourselves living in times of great and fast-moving change.

Apart from that we are in the middle of a technological revolution.

Failing to keep up will result in businesses failing to thrive.

Now is the time to ensure that everyone who needs your help can easily find you.

Now is the time to ensure that they can gather information quickly to enable them to fathom if you can help them.

Now is the time to ensure that they can communicate with you, whatever the time of day.

And now is the time to ensure that you can communicate with them, even if you’re fast asleep, dreaming of walking along a sunny Barbadian beach…

If you are deciding right now that your practice operations need improving, I have the exact strategies to solve the problems you have.

Even better than that, the team of experts I have gathered can actually set everything up correctly for you, so you don’t have the time problem and tech headache.

How great would it feel to:

have a better organised practice?
save loads more of your precious time?
serve your community perfectly?
ensure more patients book in effortlessly?
give patients a world class patient journey?
create a better income for you and your family?

Well that’s exactly what myself and Team Osteobiz do.

This week a client with two practices, who’s been with us for just a few months told me, “We keep meaning to tell you that we had a record month financially in September. Tantalisingly close to a big (for us) round number. Not bad for covid recovery months!”

If you know you need help, book yourself in here for a conversation and let’s talk solutions.

Or book yourself in for a FREE Mastermind session and experience working with us for yourself.