Until recently, my 25 year old eldest son Max was happily working in a bar in Harrow.

He loved it there and the locals always told me how wonderful he was and how proud I could be of him.

But I’m not a coach (read bossyboots) for nothing and now and again I would remind him that he had a valuable radio production degree stuck in his back pocket…

One day he mentioned that on his way to see old school mates back in Athens, he was also staying at a friend’s place in Munich.

He’d previously met and made friends with a group visiting from Munich, whilst they were in his bar.

I didn’t suspect a thing.

Next thing I know, he’s asking if his German friend could come and stay…

Fast forward a couple of months and Max announces that he wants to move to Munich to live with this new girlfriend.

I raised an eyebrow.

He reminded me that he’d never wanted to live with any previous girlfriends.

It was then that I knew this wasn’t a whim.

But he had to get a job there.

He spoke fluent Greek but not a word of German.

However, undeterred, he put his CV online and waited.

Before long Max got a phone interview.

He sailed through that but then was told he would be interviewed by a manager.

He wobbled a bit.

So I reminded him of his end result and asked him what that was.

He replied that he wanted to live with his girlfriend in Munich and work there.

I urged him to stay utterly focused on that goal and to go and bag that opportunity.

Once more he sailed through the process but there was a hitch.

Another interview with a director in Dublin!

Max got a little stressed as he felt the pressure mounting.

Asking him to visualise that end result, I urged him to press on, step up and achieve his goals.

He hunkered down, got stuck in and nailed the job.

With borders beginning to close and lockdown looming, Max packed and jumped on a plane to live with his sweetheart in Munich.

A few days later he began his dream job – audio visual tech at the mighty Google offices, no less.

Happy days.

And he absolutely loves everything about his new life there in Munich.

So tell me, what are your current goals, dreams and aspirations?