As business owners, we’ve all started out with nothing but an idea and set about to build something.

Something we can be proud of.

Something that serves our community.

Something that fulfils us in our daily toil.

And something that provides for us and our family.

However, whilst most of those boxes are ticked, the one which most often is only half ticked is the financial one.

Surprisingly, the block can be in our very own thinking, NOT in our actual reality.

Our entrenched beliefs and actions can stymie our results and ensure that we fail.

Or at least, not reach our full and fabulous potential.

The problem in our beliefs can be found in various key areas:


‘I have to spend all week treating, or I’m letting my patients down’

This little sucker keeps us running wildly on the hamster wheel, with no time left to forecast, plan or develop our services.


‘There’s so much to do that I have to work into the evening and weekends.’

As an exhausted, busy bee, spinning so many plates, we’ve no more fuel left in our tank.

Multiple urgent tasks sap our energy and leave us unable to see a way out of the chaos.

The belief here is that we must do everything OURSELVES or we’ve failed.

We end up too tired to see another way to handle this.


‘Having checked out other similar businesses, I’ve set my fees to somewhere in the middle’

This most common way of setting pricing is often rooted in our beliefs about money and even our worth.

No consideration is given to the value we offer in exchange for the fee.

And even less to our costs and what our break even figures are!

Then there’s the intrinsic value we offer.

That person who comes to us lonely and scared and who left feeling cared for and understood.

Or that person who finally understands the real problem behind their pain.

But the successful practice owner has nailed these issues and is thriving


Let’s take time

We have regular time struck out of our diary in order to work ON our business and not just IN it.

We plan ahead, look at how we can further develop our services and implement new strategies.

We continuously streamline and automate our systems, freeing up monumental amounts of precious time to use however we wish.

And we outsource all those pesky jobs and tasks which steal our time and keep us playing small.

Protecting our energy

When we’re trying to be all things to all men, we can soon end up resenting our clients or patients.

We have a feeling of dread upon waking and have to haul ourselves to work.

After we’ve given everything we have to our partner, our kids, our team and our work, we’re so done in that we feel numb.

To protect ourselves from this outcome, we have to draw distinct boundaries around our energy.

We take time out for exercise, meditation or reflection.

Our systems handle much of the grunt work, which frees our energy to do more important tasks.

We also share the work we have between the team, letting them take some of the strain so that we can stay strong and energetic.

Managing the money gremlin

Setting our fees is so often wrapped up in our own feelings of self worth.

But when we refuse to hamper our success by understanding our true value and worth, we can break free and see a limitless future.

When we stop double-guessing what people will pay us and begin putting a value on the results we bring, we find freedom from the money gremlin.

That ugly fellow who sits on our shoulder whispering in our ear, ‘People won’t pay that. What are you thinking? Who do you think you are?’

When we bat that wee pest off our shoulders and re-evaluate our worth, we can get more realistic.

We can ask ourselves, ‘Where am I on the scale of Primark to Prada…?’

Are we cheap with shoddy service and dismal surroundings?

Or are we valuable, providing world class service and excellence in all we do, whilst delivering tangible results?

When we focus on the service and outcomes we deliver, it’s far easier to take the focus off our lying little gremlin.

We refuse to listen to the lies he tells us as he attempts to keep us small and insignificant.

Instead we repeatedly listen to our grateful and enthusiastic five star testimonials until we flipping believe them!

Once our time, energy and money are prioritised, we can focus on growing a valued and cherished business.

And the by-product of that effort is a happy, healthy, fulfilled and successful practice owner.

There are myriad opportunities right there in front of us, especially now.

Including freedom from self-limiting beliefs.

But if you know you’re struggling with at least one of these key issues, we need to talk!

Our team are acutely focused on ensuring you excel and exceed your goals.

And much of the hard work, time consuming stuff and even the mind-boggling tasks, we’ll just do for you.

Saving you time, energy and even money.

That’s liberating!

Book yourself in here for a free discovery call and find out how we could quite simply blow 2021 out of the water.

Always by your side…

~ Gilly

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