It’s bad enough playing second fiddle to the hubby’s mistress ‘Chelsea’ but the much hyped World Cup is here and it appears that I’ve now been relegated to the second division!

CupThe lounge is strewn with charts and newspapers endlessly talking about the groups, the surprise results and England’s shocking defeat. The pundits are in fine fettle and sharing their views with all who will listen. Strokey beard meetings are being held in pubs across the land with extremely serious deliberations as to who will ultimately lift the World Cup.

Then there’s great debate over who will be picked to play each game and whether they’re all in the peak of physical fitness. Well we know one poor Physio who isn’t! He’ll no longer be stretching, massaging and taping the footballers’ extremities!

However, this got me to wondering, where are the Osteopaths? I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a team Osteo looking after footballers but some of you may have. If so, do drop me a line in the comment box below because I’d love to know.

With such a focus on sport at the moment, it seems to me to be marketing heaven! Whenever there’s a sporting tournament there is an increase in the public’s physical activity. Only this week, I was reading that there’s been sustained growth in cycling since the successes of Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton.

Not only them but sporty Osteos up the pace too. I know many of you regularly play sport, cycle, hike, run and even swim in freezing lakes (you know who you are!!) If you’re trying to build your Practice or that of your Associate, then while your community are inspired to get fit, it’s a great time to muscle in on the opportunity!

Of course, in this house, some people are rather more than a pain in the neck as my list of DIY jobs remains untouched. I’m going to have to go to some extraordinary lengths to tempt the resident trigger-happy TV sport aficionado away from the remote control and the endless cycle of World Cup football, Wimbledon tennis and the summer cricket.

Please tell me there will be a break before the Commonwealth Games commences…