ImplementationAll day long I teach. I teach how to do effective marketing. I teach why certain strategies are better than others. I teach where the best places are to focus your energies. I teach ways to maximise time spent on social media. I teach tactics for getting noticed in your communities.

I have online communities of Osteopaths studying on several different courses.  The course materials are thorough and in our Facebook forums we share tips, try out new ideas and give feedback on strategies successfully used.

Consistent implementation is crucial

The difference in success is always the same thing though. Implementation.  Those who learn, implement and then rinse and repeat are the ones enjoying great success.

Indeed, I constantly invest in myself and my continued learning because the world is now faster paced than ever and technology advances relentlessly.  And I don’t want to get left behind!

If I have invested in my further education, then I will be implementing what I have learned. And I will be doing that fast!

My ambition is to help as many worldwide Osteopaths to grow their Practice as possible. Since I began investing in online marketing courses about six years ago, technology has advanced incredibly!  Almost nothing I did then, I do now. The general marketing strategies are the same but the way we deliver them has changed out of all proportion.

Everyone is looking for the easy way. Many don’t want to do any actual marketing but they want business growth. But one doesn’t come without the other.  And that is why implementation is key. Every day, we must get the word out to those who need us.

It’s not enough to be an information junkie, to enroll on course after course, read book after book but not get around to the implementation of those new ideas.  Adopting new strategies and ideas and then taking action is the one single way to encourage change in our lives.  Implementation really is the last piece of the Osteobiz success puzzle!

So what are you going to do today to let more people know about how you can help them?

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