International Osteoapthic Healthcare Week is a superb opportunity to educate and inform your community about how you help them back to health.

You can talk about being curious about why they are experiencing pain and discomfort. You could mention that you’re like a Pain Detective, looking for the root cause of their pain. You could say that like a car needs a mechanic to fix it sometimes, you’re there to maintain their optimum health and function.

Whatever you say, say it loud, say it often and keep repeating it. We live in a very busy world where a monumental amount of information is constantly bombarding us. Eventually your message will land with the people who need your help. But you may not get through to them until they’ve heard it a dozen times or more!

International Osteopathic Healthcare Week

This is running from 15-22 April, so it’s a great idea to get this trending by using the hashtags #OsteoapthyWorks and #IOHW2018.

If we all do this on our social media a few extra times this week and get excited about it, we can create a shift in the public’s perceptions.

Click my Facebook page link to find lots of shareable short videos to help you get the message across.

Here’s one which has been shared over 50 times already!

Strong, consistent marketing will lead to massively increased patient numbers.

Let’s keep sharing the message that #OsteopathyWorks

Thank you.