Last weekend was the iO Convention in St Paul’s, London. Whilst we were all networking, learning and dancing after the Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony, all hell was breaking loose about the latest Facebook changes!

A rather sensationalist piece about dual news feeds was going viral and, like a fox amongst the chickens, there was much clucking, fear and panic!

The article whipped up a frenzy by stating that the latest Facebook changes meant DEATH TO SMALL BUSINESSES! I kid you not! The assertion was that all our business posts will be redirected to this other news feed. They feared that your ordinary Joe wouldn’t have a clue that it even exists and therefore wouldn’t go and look at it.

OMG then that must mean that your business will shrivel and die down that deathly quiet and ghostly alley where nothing but a hungry fox lurks…

The hysteria increased as we headed into the new week with ever more delirious opinions. They forecast massive drops in organic reach and theatrical announcements to business page followers stating that ‘you will never see posts from this page again’!

Hold on now – what exactly are the latest Facebook changes?

As of the second quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2 billion monthly active users – which seems insane right?! But what that means in reality is that our news feeds are mega busy.

Unlike Twitter, who feeds ALL posts through in one long and constant stream, Facebook has a nifty and highly intelligent algorithm. This sophisticated software constantly mutates, learning about our preferences via our interaction and behaviour on what we see in our news feeds.

For instance, once upon a time, there were only friends’ posts in my news feed. But as Osteobiz began taking off, I started ‘liking’ my Clients’ business pages as we created them. Back then, four years ago, not many Osteopaths even had a business page but it was something I strongly encouraged. It seemed to me that there was massive value to be had in free and engaging marketing!

However these days, my Facebook feed is rammed with Osteopathic clinic posts from all over the world! But that’s just my choice as it’s my passion and my mission to help more people find Osteopathy. But basically Facebook can’t offer me any other type of posts which might be of interest to me because there simply isn’t any space to show me.

So what they’ve done, rather cleverly, is to create a second news feed which has an entirely different purpose. On the left hand side of your home page is a little rocket icon next to ‘Explore Feed’. (You’ll need to go right down the list there to find it).

This latest Facebook change gives you the opportunity to explore other kinds of posts from pages which you don’t currently follow. The idea is to expand your mind and to entertain you with new content – hence the rocket going off to explore new galaxies!

The algorithm already knows what type of stuff you have liked, reacted to and commented on and so it dishes up more of the same kind of content. The hope is to give you an even better experience on Facebook.

Watch the webinar about this in my Facebook group!

I shall be talking more about the implications of this in a live webinar this evening in my closed Facebook group #OsteopathyWorks. This platform was set up to support and engage with Osteopaths all over the world.

Currently there are nearly 1,400 Osteopaths or students who have come together to help each other with advice and ideas. It’s so important to positively promote the profession after too many unfair and unsubstantiated allegations and negative behaviour from so called journalists and others.

It can be soul destroying when Osteopathy gets bashed by those intent on belittling the profession. However, I feel that engaging in a war of words can become ugly and pointless – much as it feels satisfying to take a jab, jab, right hook back!

Far better, surely, is to rise above it and promote more positive and affirmative information, patient opinion and evidence. This allows individuals to make up their own minds about whether Osteopathic treatment is an option for their pain.

I hope you’ll come into the group and watch the recording to find out more. I’ll also be talking about what action you can be taking to ensure your social media marketing efforts are not wasted and result in patient numbers dropping!

After all, we don’t want THOSE particular chickens coming home to roost…

Osteobiz Whiz is my entry level online programme which not only teaches Facebook marketing but also improves confidence in promoting your services to your community generally. The four modules are designed to take you very quickly from stuck to successful.

You can access all this from the comfort of your armchair whenever you wish! Plus there’s a corresponding and thriving Facebook forum where you’ll get even more ideas, help and advice as well as amazing inspiration from your global colleagues!

Upon completion, simply ask me for your 4 hour CPD certificate and enjoy your busy week!

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