Lewis Hamilton

Racing to success!

Lewis Hamilton has once again won the Formula One World Racing Championship.  I watched him race to victory at the weekend and felt in awe of him.  Even the Old Boy, who for some reason didn’t particularly like Lewis Hamilton, has warmed to him over the past few months.  I’m sure I glimpsed a tear in his eye as he watched Lewis’ emotion on the winning podium whilst the National Anthem was playing.

Lewis Hamilton’s success made me wonder about the man himself.

‘Today feels like the most important day of my life, but I am calm, and focused,’ Lewis Hamilton wrote prior to Sunday’s race.

Insights from the interview

Following the ceremony, he was interviewed about the race and his achievements.  It moved me that he spoke in such a humble manner.  There was no swagger or boasting.  He talked about gratefulness and thankfulness for the win.  He took time to credit the team behind him who had worked tirelessly to give him the best racing car possible and the support to push it to its limits.  He also gave credit to the unequivocal support of his family and those closest to him.

I believe that the main lessons that Lewis can teach us are the following:

  1. Utter focus on winning
  2. Proper preparation
  3. Total self-belief
  4. Excellent emotional love and support
  5. Quality team and equipment
  6. Grit and determination

In other words, Lewis Hamilton had got his psyche into such a place that, barring mechanical breakdown, he could not lose!

The Lewis Hamilton Effect

Having that self-belief and a successful mindset puts us way ahead.  Focusing absolutely on our goals will bring them to us.  But we need to be extremely clear on what those goals are and we need to take baby steps of action every single day towards those objectives.

So as we head towards the end of 2014, let’s begin to get really clear about our main goals for the forthcoming year.  Business Vision is the very first topic in my Osteobiz Club because I firmly believe that it is the basis upon which we build both a business and a personal life.  All aspects of our lives must evolve together to bring success and happiness.

As I’ve said before, if you want to travel from London to Birmingham without satnav or paying attention to signs and milestones along the way, you may well end up in Cardiff.  And that’s a recipe for a mid-life crisis!

Goal setting for success in 2015

Let’s clearly identify our goals and list the major milestones along the way which will indicate we are achieving them.  Next break down those goals in reverse order into the main targets we need to reach.  Those smaller goals will then be easier to work on and identify the key tasks needed to reach it.  Break the tasks down further into those actionable baby steps.  Better still diarise all this information so that every single day you have a few little jobs to do which will lead you towards your intended outcomes.  (I can help you with this.)

Et voila!  That’s how Lewis Hamilton keeps focused on his number one goal: he stays grounded, prepares himself diligently, keeps his support network close and therefore successfully achieves his ambitions.