lone ranger

Who is your Team Tonto?

Lone Ranger Syndrome? Surely I’m making that up?

Interestingly, it’s something I see all too often. It’s when we’re trying to save money. Trying not to rely on others when, if we just pushed ourselves a little more, we could manage all by ourselves to handle everything associated with running a business.

But the Lone Ranger way of running a business is seriously bad for our health.

Believe me – I’ve been there too.  Working crazy hours and trying to spin all the plates.  I just got so tired and wrung out but I also realised something.

I wasn’t leaving enough mental bandwidth to focus on business building

In trying to be a Cleaner, an Accountant, a Book-keeper, a Marketing Ninja, a Techie Whizkid, a Time Management Queen, a Mother, Wife and Friend I had no time left. There was little time to plan ahead, to think things through, to just contemplate the best ways I could help you flourish.

This can end up leading to burn out which I actually wrote about in Osteopathy Today over two years ago.

The Lone Ranger no more!

As last year drew to a close, I made a decision. I was going to get some proper help and support in my business. And that meant hiring staff! WOW! The great thing about technology now is that some staff can be ‘virtual’ which does actually work really well.

So meet my new team:

Amanda – she likes to be known as a Char Lady!

Monday is now heavenly. Instead of all the fall out of a busy week and then weekend with visitors or returning children, I now have a clean home in less than two hours!  It would take me at least double the time and I’d also lose the time I could have spent on my business.  And for a few quid she’s happy and I’m happy. And the unexpected bonus is that I am not fretting about the state of the dusty shelves or the jam dripped on the worktop.  So less stress is better for me.

Karen – my Virtual Assistant

Despite her living not too far from me, Karen can work virtually.  She has taken some workload off me and saved me enormous time. So she has overhauled my freebie ebooks and templates etc and branded them consistently and tidied them up for me. Whilst I have extensive secretarial skills, I can be getting on with coaching more osteopaths while she takes the strain.  Again the cost compared to my charge out rate makes sound financial sense.  She’s also currently typing up my life story which is jotted down in journals and scraps of paper. Apparently she’s finding the story quite intriguing…

Karen might be handy for getting newsletters done and sent out, helping with scheduling social media posts etc. Find out if she can help you:

Karen Walton
Virtual Office Support
07956 659 237


Emma – Accountancy Services

The bane of my life!  Every business needs sound accounting so as to keep track of profits and loss, where savings can be made and so on.  But before I know it, I’m two months behind because the weeks have spun by, I’ve been busy coaching and now it’s going to take forever to get it sorted. Then there’s the dreaded tax return!

A few months ago I employed Emma Stevens to take the strain. For the first January in years, I didn’t have to worry about getting the tax return in on time and more importantly absolutely correct.

I was once the victim (and I use that word advisedly) of a random tax inspection. Let me tell you that it was the most appalling experience and, despite not having done any wrong, I was hauled over the coals for months culminating in a two hour grilling by two tall gents in suits in a tiny room on the 17th floor of the Euston Tower.  My husband was not even allowed to sit in as moral support.  It was a monumental waste of tax payers’ money as I didn’t owe a penny in tax.  Despite this scary and super stressful experience perhaps it is one that is at least useful as a warning to others.

So Emma takes care of everything now, including claiming for every penny allowed, most of which I would probably be unaware of.  We’re setting up a simple accounting system so that I can see at a glance what’s going on month by month.  This information will be invaluable in working out my future business growth.  We can share information via our shared Dropbox folder and I can post any relevant paperwork to her if needed.

Again the stress and sweat saved has been enormous and knowing my tax and accounts are in safe hands is a real relief.

Find out if Emma can help you:

Emma Stevens FCCA BSc(Hons)


Chichi – website designer

Rather excitingly, I am having a new website designed by this lovely lady, Chichi Eruchalu. We have been online friends in business mentoring groups for well over two years. We have both flowered in our businesses and personally grown enormously in this time. Chichi favours functional websites with clean lines and uncluttered information.

With only around 5-7 seconds to keep a potential customer on your page before they head back to their search results, you need to grab their attention. If your message is unclear or your website isn’t mobile friendly, you will definitely be losing potential new patients.

Is it time for a website overhaul?

Chichi Eruchalu

+44 (0)1375 484 150



So that’s the team as we head towards greater focus and success.  What could you delegate this week? Where are you hemorrhaging time, energy and money?

If you get your marketing machine ticking over nicely, you’ll be drawing in more opportunities to treat more patients. And if you need help with that you can choose between Osteobiz Backbone Basics online course or some specific 1:1 Coaching with me and, I promise, we will find many new ways to bring you the income and success to enable you to outsource key headache-inducing tasks for good.

No more Lone Ranger!