Continuing Professional Development or CPD is an important part of our professional and business life. Obviously, unlike yourself, I’m not required by anyone to partake in any self development.  However, I would be a fool not to choose who I partner with very carefully.

In the past few years I have literally poured tens of thousands of pounds into my own development. (The Old Boy’s toes would curl if he knew…)

It’s simply not enough to have the kind of expansive and creative mind that I’m fortunate to have been born with.

You see, as a child I was accused of having an ‘overactive imagination’ which was apparently a bad thing. However, it turns out that in my business life, it’s a very good thing. Ideas for innovative marketing cascade out of me constantly! I literally have book shelves full of my scribblings! Indeed, an absolute corker of an idea popped into my mind just this morning and already I’m on it!

But if I have no real direction and strategy to my business development and skill set, whether or not I’ve got ideas, then I run the risk of extinction.

Five years ago there was no such thing as online CPD business development specifically for you

The key is to be different from the rest, to be utterly focused and to be as tenacious as a bulldog.

For instance, there’s new coaches and CPD providers popping up all over the place, who see other people’s results and want to emulate them. But copying others is not entrepreneurial and without offering anything new, it’s too early to know if they’re any good or will stay the course.

Just as in the animal world, we must all continue to evolve in all areas of our lives. Remaining static in these massively changing times, refusing to stay ahead of the curve or limping along into the sidings is just not an option. Simply doing what worked in the past is no guarantee that it will work in the future. Indeed Osteobiz has evolved massively since I had the original idea several years ago. And I also have massive plans for the future – not only for myself but for you too. I call it:


And that is now my new signature presentation. Indeed, if you’re going to the Osteopaths New Zealand AGM in August, you’ll be the first to hear it as I am being beamed in from London to deliver it! I’m massively honoured and excited about that opportunity.

But I digress.

Of course, you’ve seen it in larger companies where they have failed to innovate, failed to expand their markets or failed to recognise the new road ahead. Where are Woolworths, British Home Stores and Blockbuster now? If you could pick up an old phone directory from years ago, I wonder how many small businesses are still there in your area now?

Asking better questions

Whilst it’s more comfortable to stay rooted in the familiar, it’s a more dangerous place to stay than you might imagine.

My eyes and deliberations are always firmly focused on the future. I constantly ask myself, “What else does my community need?” or “How can I better serve my mission to help more people find Osteopathy?” or “How can I continue to inspire and empower my Clients to ensure their ongoing success?”

It’s vital that you take time to also reflect on how you can better serve your community. Does your voice need to be louder so that people in pain hear you above the deafening din of modern life?

Does your message need to be less generic and more profound so that people understand how you can help them?
And does your image need to be less ‘formal’ and more approachable, so that people are not intimidated by your austere appearance and encycopedic knowledge of all things human?

Tapping into innovative and cutting edge CPD

I love the work that Steven Bruce, Claire Short and their talented team are doing at Academy of Physical Medicine. We’ve been established for about the same time and have collaborated regularly. We have great synergy together and I think their CPD offerings and opportunities are fabulous.
We’ve often talked about further collaboration as we are such a great fit with each other.
However, as you may know, I’m an action taker…
At my recent Osteobiz Inspiration Day (it was fab and there will be more!) I tackled Steven with a spinning toe hold, half nelson choke and an elevated double chickenwing hold until the deal was done! (Don’t worry #OsteopathyWorks and he’s all good now.)


The Academy of Physical Medicine doesn’t simply provide more than double the CPD hours you need each year (including the “Learning With Others”).  There’s so much more – access to research reviews (digested summaries of current research); discounted MMI with Balens; cost-price clinic equipment; done-for-you blogging; free, bespoke website videos; business-building assistance and so much more! As a member of APM You can now even get Gilly’s famous Osteobiz Blueprint course for half price – that’s a saving of hundreds of pounts!
Run by practitioners, for practitioners, APM is one of the most trusted resources of its kind anywhere.
If you’re new to online CPD, then check out the APM deal and pssst – when you get to the order form, you can add in this nifty coupon code -> ->  GILLY20  and get 20% off the annual fee. Even better value is that there are all kinds of benefits to joining as well as saving you time, money and energy dashing around the country to attend events.
So one option is:
– Low Commitment (£6 sign up, £40.30 per month, cancel any time
– Low Cost:
– No sign up fee
– £288 per year, or £24 per month (but these are instalments on the annual fee, not a monthly subscription)
– One year rolling contract

– All prices on the annual contract are 20% discounted with the code GILLY20.  (It’s not available on the Low-Commitment option.)

So the big question is – would you love to get your hands on a year’s worth of valuable CPD you can dip into at leisure AND get an epic deal to work with me and build a thriving Osteobiz?

Click here if that’s a no brainer!

My friend, it’s a phenominal time to be alive.

Let’s crack on and make the most of it.

Always by your side…

~ Gilly x

PS: Talking of great questions – what’s the most critical thing for you to resolve in your life right now?

PPS: And what’s going to happen if you don’t?