As a big yawn fell out of my face early this morning, I came across an email from an unfamiliar name. But as I read the content my bleary eyes quickly turned blurry! The words this Osteopath shared with me created a flood of emotion from happiness to nostalgia and from pride to excitement.

How did she do this? By speaking from her heart, with love and honesty in wanting me to know how helpful and inspiring she felt I was to her and, she said, the profession. And her words were particularly potent because we haven’t even worked together.

Words, as we all know, are more powerful than the sword. So what we say in our marketing needs to create that emotional response too. Why? Because that’s the fastest way to make us ACT!

So you could bang on all day about the efficacy of Osteopathy and how structure governs function but that alone probably won’t get you extra bookings!

Back to those Osteopaths – the next one to create an emotional response in me sent me a message on Facebook. During our conversation it was clear she was struggling a tad by herself. I immediately felt empathy and a little sad as I’ve felt like that in the past too. So I stopped writing this blog and gave her a some time and encouragement. She toddled off reinvigorated and back on track to do her great work.

How do we create an emotional response?

One way to create an emotional response is to hit their good ol’ pain points! They’ll feel it deep their gut and the painful surge will compel them to take action. They’ll come and see you simply because they don’t want things to get as bad as you paint them!

On the other hand, that can feel a bit mean! So the flip side is to draw a positive picture of health, of getting back to doing what they love to do, maybe taking up their favourite sport again or even to simply picking up their grandchildren without pain. Adding images of happy thriving people, of a similar type to those you’re marketing towards, helps to compound your message.

Your choice of words and images will combine to get their attention, particularly in the busy fast lane of social media. The more specific you are in talking to a target audience the better results you’ll get from your efforts. We both know you haven’t got time to waste on marketing that doesn’t work!

Next this morning, I got a Twitter notification that one of my Osteos had tweeted ‘Gilly is the best!’ in response to a testimonial I had posted. That, too, brought a tear to my eye as I felt a tiny surge of pride and, you know, that little tingle in your nose when your eyes well up. We had a little more banter before cracking on with our work.

So how can you verbalise what you do for your patients which will resonate with more people just like them? How can you appeal to their emotions to encourage them to seek help for their pain?

Now you know I’m always saying that you need a marketing notebook on your desk to jot down those little nuggets you hear from your patients. Those are the very words which will strike a chord when you speak them back out in your marketing. Works like a dream. You can get a lovely red one here in my little shop!

Goodness me – now someone else has sent a text telling me I’m a star for helping them out!  At this rate the Old Boy is going to have to widen the doorways at Osteobiz HQ!

PS: Dagnabbit – another email just arrived from a VIP Client who’s sent me testimonials and exciting news about who she’s been talking to about my work with her! Apparently her Facebook page was held up as a fine example and she very kindly mentioned me! More feelings of excitement and abundance! #lovemyosteos