It can be difficult to know what to say in our marketing. So sometimes we hesitate, procrastinate, set it aside and do something else instead. Because, quite frankly, we don’t want to get it wrong!

But marketing is the lifeblood of our businesses. If we stop sharing our message, we will be out of mind and that means people may not remember where to go to get the help they need when they need it most.

3 common marketing mistakes and how to improve outcomes

Unclear messages

With the constant stream of information and marketing messages hitting our brain, both online and all around us, our eyes and brains inevitably have to filter the vast majority out. We can’t process the amount of stuff that bombards us so we’re mainly focused on relevant information that crosses our path.

So a wishy washy or convoluted message isn’t going to resonate quickly enough to cause us to stop, look and hopefully digest it.

Because we’re such visual creatures, eye-catching images and moving items such as gifs and videos will grab our attention. Sure that’s going to take some time and energy to create relevant stuff to populate our social media news feeds. But it can cost almost nothing if we’re savvy!

Talking to the wrong people

If we’re going to make that much effort to create content to share with potential patients online, then it needs to be accurately aimed at them. There is a terrible fear of being judged within the profession and this tends to be the general position of many of my new Clients. However, our peers are not our customers! So it’s crucial to use appropriate language and simplify the message.

So strip out all references to ‘musculoskeletal’ problems and instead define a clear and simple message. Aim it squarely at those in pain who have yet to discover Osteopathy as a possible solution for their problem.

Inconsistent messages

Once we get busy, the first thing to get dropped from our busy day is usually marketing! However, neglecting to keep up an online presence can lead to boom and bust bookings, a serious problem which bedevils many a small business.

Educating and informing an audience which may be confused as to how we can help means that the message needs to be consistently repeated. It is said that it can take between 5 and 27 times that a person hears about you, reads a post or dips a toe into your website before they will finally take action.

What’s the answer?

There will be lurkers and stalkers out there, watching from the sidelines. They may be keeping a scant eye on us, hesitant about paying for our help.

So we need to keep our message sharp, focus on our audience or target market and maintain contact with them. When we’re building relationships, it’s going to take some effort to help them to understand that investing in us might be a really beneficial choice.

Automating some of our marketing can free us up to get on with what we do best but ensures that we don’t disappear from in front of our specific audience. Consistency is key when building relationships. Not only will rapid fire posting followed by silence confuse people, it also detracts from the trust we were trying to build up.

Armed with a great mix of quality and informative content and a consistent online presence soon means that we become a vital part of our community.

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