Need a speaker to talk about practice development and growth?


Gilly has spoken many times to audiences both at various teaching establishments as well as at regional societies.

Additionally, several times, Gilly has enjoyed being interviewed by Osteopath and Director Steven Bruce at the Academy of Physical Medicine.

Gilly has also been invited to present workshops, give talks and inspire at events such as the iO Convention, UCO Osteopathic Refresher weekends and for various groups around the world.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events are the iO Convention in November 2020, The Danish Conference later this year. Particularly exciting is the opportunity for the second time to travel to the joint New Zealand and Australian Conference in Queenstown, this time to be held in September 2021.

Whether via Zoom or in person, Gilly is happy to share presentations or workshops at events or for groups.

Gilly has spent years perfecting her ‘no cost’ strategies for social media marketing, which can easily and quickly get your clinic noticed by many thousands of local people.

She is particularly keen on educating and informing communities so as to help them to understand why they would book an Osteopathic appointment in the first place. That is the crux of the problem which many practices still face.

Please get in touch with specific ideas but these are popular presentations:

Building A Thriving Community Practice

Social Media Marketing (Talk or Workshop)