If you want to seriously develop your patient list then marketing MUST be a regular part of your week. A little and often is better than nothing. Indeed a one off hit of door to door leaflets is likely to cost much and produce little.  We call this ‘spray and pray’ marketing because it is so ineffective.

When networking, always keep in mind that you are not selling yourself as such; you are educating potential patients on the benefits of Osteopathy and what it will give them or solve for them.  For instance you can talk about reducing pain and increasing their mobility and comfort.

Today therefore, I’m challenging you to include local networking in your marketing arsenal. If you’ve been working through the modules in my Osteobiz Club, you will have worked in great detail on who your Perfect Patient is and therefore where you can find them.


Networking over a cappuccino

1. Find out when your next networking meeting will be and block out the time in your diary.

2. Go there with the focus on them and how you and osteopathy can help and benefit them. It’s not about you! Literally press their pain points!

3. Put your name badge as high up and as near to your face as possible. They are more likely to capture the image of your face and your name then. (I’ve seen some men put name badges so low that it would be rude to look!)

4. Check out other independent groups such as Jelly (or search for similar online) who offer ‘coffeeshop co-working’ which is a great way to catch up on admin, enjoy a cappuccino and network at the same time. You may find yourself some useful resources too from the self-employed community as well as some ‘desk bound’ MSK issues you can bring into your clinic to fix!

5.  Always ask if they know anyone else who would benefit from osteopathy too.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Let me know how you get on!