Open the darned door!I have found myself saying this several times in the last week.  One of my VIP Clients told me about a new patient who was a rather famous sportsman.  His back was lumpy and stuck and in need of some gentle coaxing back to health.  Many years of physical action had of course caused much trauma and this would be a gradual process.

My Client went on to say that his patient happened to mention that he was also connected to two very high profile sportsmen.  They too, suffered a great many impacts in their chosen fields and naturally Osteopathy would be a vital ingredient in maintaining their optimum physical fitness.

He then went on to dissuade himself from taking any action towards this possible opportunity.  He had a whole raft of reasons why it would be inappropriate to ask for introductions and recommendations.  But what if he is denying them the chance to experience the benefits of Osteopathy?

I rolled my eyes and gave him The Look.  This gifted Osteopath is top of the tree, highly intuitive in his work and is humble in his awesomeness.

“Open the darned door” I urged him, “Open the darned door!”

Sometimes in my coaching work, I find resistance.  Perhaps when life hasn’t been as kind as it might or challenges have been tough, we can become downhearted and not as positive about possibility as we might.

It can be disheartening when, in response to a suggestion or idea, I hear “No, that won’t work” or “Oh I tried that once and it didn’t make any difference” or “Oh I don’t think people would be interested in that.”

But those Clients who give it a shot, run with the idea and put all their might and effort behind it, fully believing that they will succeed, go on to reach their goals and cross the winning line with their arms aloft in glory.

Keeping that mindset positive is the key, as is being alert to the possibility of opportunity when it’s right in front of our noses.

I had lunch with a close friend the other day.  She works in a very large and important organisation.  Casually, she dropped into the conversation that if she pushed up one more level in the hierarchy she could reach an incredibly important status.  This had never been mentioned before and so I was surprised.  She is in her fifties and therefore this is the time to make that final push.

You can bet that I gave her The Look!  “Open the darned door!” I demanded.  And I believe that she will.

To get some perspective, I like to think about sitting at my 80th birthday party with my loved ones around me, looking back at my life.  What did I achieve that I’m proud of?  What do I wish I had done differently?  What do I wish I had found the courage to do?  Sometimes, we can stand in our own way and stop ourselves from achieving greatness because of various reasons we make up in our heads.  I have been just as guilty of that too!

If I’m not sure about whether or not to accept the opportunity to stand up in front of a group of Osteopaths and present a workshop, I pop over to my 80th birthday party and check in.  That version of me would be pleased that I got over myself, stood up and shared my knowledge.  And that’s one reason why I am giving free marketing workshops to large groups of Undergraduates at the BSO, LSO and BCOM in the coming weeks.  The other reason is that I love the idea of them going on to their first job with the basics of marketing under their belts.

When I say “Open the darned door” you know that I am not asking you to do anything that I haven’t done myself.  Indeed the older I get, the more I push my comfort zone way out there.  And the feeling on the other side is simply exhilarating.

So when opportunity knocks in your world, open the darned door!