Agility in sport is crucial to staying ahead of the game and winning. So too is it a vital component of a modern business.

We are lucky to live in phenominal times of massive change and opportunity. Technology is racing ahead at an incredible pace.

In the past twenty years, the way in which we use systems, market ourselves and operate in general bears almost no resemblence to back then.

The likes of Woolworths, Blockbuster and even some of our favourite pubs have disappeared from the High Street and our communities. More agility may well have saved them if they had mutated faster and provided what the changing population demanded.

Lightening speed lives!

Lives are lived faster than ever, we move less, sit more but dash around squeezing more into our days than the previous generation ever did. It’s easy to become ‘time poor’ when there are so many demands on our lives.

The problem is that as we get stressed trying to cope wiht all the demands on ourselves and our time, often the weakest link is the one to break.

This could be our close relationships, our families, friends or our business.

I’m probably guilty of putting a disproportionate amount of energy into working with Osteopaths rather than chilling out with friends! But I know this about myself and I’m good wth it. Having spent long, long weeks and months stuck in hospitals with young Toby over two decades, I’m only now able to forge ahead with my own dreams and goals.

Agility in business

In general then, it’s a good idea to reflect on how the business is working and uncover the areas which don’t work so well.

  • Which parts of it drive you nuts?
  • Which aspects take too much time and make you feel under pressure?
  • What do you dread doing?
  • How could you farm out ‘£10 tasks’ so that you don’t become exhausted with it all?
  • Where are there savings to be made?

Look at every expense and make it count, reduce it or ditch it!

The costs in a business can be the difference between making a profit and working for a pittance! Perodically check through these and strip out unnecessary expenses.

Plot your patient journey

However, agility in business doesn’t just mean looking at the structure of the business and weeding out waste.

Providing the kind of superb experience your patients deserve is also critical.

Here’s a simple checklist:

  • Is it easy for them to find you online?
  • Do you promote consistently to ensure potential patients understand your primary role?
  • Is your image, character and values obvious or is there only a dull logo representing you online?
  • Is it easy to book?
  • Are people reminded of their appointments?
  • Do they know where you’re based and how to get there?
  • Is the waiting area comfortable and uncluttered?
  • Are the treatment rooms clean and fresh?
  • Are all linen, covers etc new and appealing?
  • Are they sure of the process as a new patient?
  • Are they clear on what happens next?
  • How can you further improve the patient experience?
  • Do you follow them up once treatment has ended?
  • Do you keep in touch generally?
  • Is there an opportunity for them to give referrals/testimonials?

Monitoring what happens at the centre of your business is crucial to maintaining osteibiz agility. Keeping abreast of the constant changes in our online and offline worlds will help to ensure that you operate in peak condition.

Osteobiz agility

Indeed, I’ve been working through this exact process in my own business. It’s now obvious that some changes will enhance my offerings and better serve my Clients and community.

Products, services and prices will be adjusted over the coming month and systems streamlined. There’s only one of me and it’s become apparent that my time has to be used more effectively. If my business is to continue to grow as rapidly as it has in the past year, this streamlining exercise will enable growth.

As small business owners, we can become exhausted automotons who go through the motions each day. Never reviewing our practices or coming up for air can mean that either our business collapses one day or we do ourselves!

If you’d like a quick chat about how I might help you to stay on track and prosper, why not book into my diary? Let’s unpick any issues and decide the best solutions.