Out in the Osteobiz fast lane, I work with action takers who want results. And I urge and inspire you to drop any limited thinking and dream big. Let’s not accept the limitations of average. Let’s go in search of sensational. Because on the Osteobiz Motorway, you’ve got control of the wheel, you’ve got your foot on the gas and I’ve got the map to where you want to go! Osteobiz Gold is by far the fastest way to a fully booked diary. We work out the exact strategies for YOUR unique Osteobiz and what you want it to look like when we’ve finished building it. Join the Osteobiz fast lane and create a thriving Practice in the shortest time possible. In return, I invest my complete attention on your business development and sustained results for as long as you need it. But hold on tight because we are going to crack on at lightening speed! Destination Osteobiz Success is where we’re heading… We’ll look at every aspect of your Osteobiz. We’ll look for where savings can me made. We’ll look at your pricing, your team, your strategies and your systems. And then we’ll work together to get it all sorted, once and for all.

Osteobiz Blueprint and Osteobiz Whiz are my two most popular online CPD courses.

Osteobiz Blueprint does exactly what it says on the tin. It simply consists of the key elements of the strategies I share with my VIP Clients but delivered via online modules in a step by step manner. So you still get quick results but in a fabulous and supportive group setting. The current group of global Osteopaths (Bluepers) are tight knit and support each other in their journey together. If they’re stuck they come to the group. If they have a great win they share with the group. They are real trailblazers and I’m very proud of them and the massive results they are achieving. Osteobiz Whiz is perfect for those who don’t know where to begin with their marketing. This entry level course gives you the tools to understand who you’re trying to attract and what to say to get their attention. We work out how to perfectly present yourself on social media and out there in your specific community. Say goodbye to feeling stuck and start finding out how to attract hundreds more patients who need your help. Osteobiz Mastery is very low investment monthly subscription support group but still has great tools and resources. This is less about strategic business building and more about what’s new on social media, what’s working right now etc. My graphic designer makes us lots of beautiful memes each month. All you have to do is add your website so they are your property and pop them out on social media – simples! There’s tips, advice and Q&A sessions. We take the strain out of markeitng, so you can get on with treating! Roadtest it here for only a tenner. No matter how Osteopaths work with me, I’ve noticed that there is one key element to all my Clients who grow and are successful.

It’s their mindset.

They don’t whinge. They don’t worry about stuff they can’t control. They don’t blame organisations,competitors, the weather, the time of year or the economy. They pick up the Osteobiz baton and they TAKE ACTION and IMPLEMENT! They pay attention to the course strategies and my specific advice. They stay accountable to themselves, to me and to the process and they GET THINGS DONE! Think Alex Polizzi and ailing hotel owners! Investing time, energy and money into working with me is vital if you’re fed up with the status quo and want to create a thriving health hub for your community. If you put in the effort, your return on investment will stagger you. More than that, you and your family deserve to be enjoying the fruits of your labour rather than muddling by. And instead of FEELING like a local charity, you can now start properly GIVING to charity. Out on the Osteopathic Motorway, you can reach your desired destination quickly or slowly. It really is your choice. But I highly recommend the Osteobiz fast lane. Where shall we go today? You can decide right now.