Osteobiz Roadshow Blueberry Muffins

Osteobiz Roadshow Blueberry Muffins!

I’ve just got back from two weeks chilling out on a Portuguese beach after delivering my first two day Osteobiz Roadshow where we looked in detail at how to grow your Patient list.  Whilst I was switched off from the online world I was able to quietly reflect on how the course had gone.  Two things merit some thought:

Marketing time

From some of the comments of the delegates, it became clear towards the end of the Osteobiz Roadshow that it can be quite difficult to fit in time to market your Practice.  Whilst everyone agreed that it was a vital area of business, marketing is not a particularly sexy topic nor something which is exceptionally exciting either!

If you feel the same way, then here are a couple of ideas to try.  First of all I would strongly recommend blocking off a couple of half hours per week to deal with your marketing.  If that term leaves you cold then call it ‘educating and informing my local community’ and think about THEM and what they need from you.  Tell them what you want to do for them.

On your Facebook business page, you can schedule your posts by clicking the little down arrow to the right of the blue ‘Publish’ button and selecting ‘Schedule’ instead.  Alternatively, you can schedule some posts in advance using Buffer or Hootsuite.

Think carefully about what questions are often asked by your Patients and answer those as a post eg ‘Osteopathy is a highly effective way of gently and safely easing your pain.’

Where is your passion?  Harness it and use it to share successes or areas of expertise.  Remember that in using SOCIAL media to promote your skills, the clue is in the title.  So if a post sounds dull – ditch it!

Always be your authentic self

There can sometimes be a worry that your website or marketing materials don’t sound ‘professional’ enough.   Added to that there is the perceived spectre of the Advertising Standards Authority lurking in the background and also the concern about creating the ‘right’ impression.

This was another concern raised in our discussions during the Osteobiz Roadshow so I asked this question: “In real life, is my character and personality exactly as you imagined from having read my blogs, newsletters and posts?”  And the answer was a resounding YES!  I was really chuffed about that too because it is always my intention to be authentic, honest and open.

Here are my thoughts for you to consider.

  1. The ASA will only become involved if somebody is offended by something you have claimed and have reported you.  Never claim to cure or eradicate etc but use softer language such as ease and reduce symptoms.  If the ASA agree with the member of the public, they may write to you and ask for the ‘offending’ wording to be removed by a certain date.  As long as you comply nobody else is informed and no action of any kind is taken.  So relax.
  2. You are not writing for your peers to judge you – you are writing to attract Joe Public who generally has no idea what you do or why he should visit you.  So please ditch the anatomical references and jargon!
  3. People buy people.  This means that if the language used in your marketing materials and website pages is stiff and dull, it will likely fail to enrapture your reader!  You have incredible hands, skills, knowledge and a huge passion for what you do.  So share it!

If you’d like to find out more about the Osteobiz Roadshow, take a look here for more information.