osteobiz websiteNaturally, in my work and my regular recommendations to friends, I’m searching for and looking at one Osteobiz website after another.

Unfortunately, there are far too many which leave me cold and a bit sad!

Let me explain.

Your website is your SHOP WINDOW to the world!

It is your online showroom; it allows a virtual visitor to peek in and see what you’re all about.

But what do they invariably find – if they find it at all?

Often it’s old and out of date.

It probably has no images at all. There’s none of the actual fabulous, friendly, amazzzzing Osteopaths; nor even one of the relaxing treatment room…

It doesn’t help them to understand that they are in the right place.

It doesn’t offer the benefits of Osteopathy or solutions to the problem they’ve popped by to investigate answers for.

The language isn’t straight-forward and is more likely to require the use of a dictionary to fathom the meaning.

And you only had 5 seconds to get your point across before they went back to their search results to try somewhere else…

You’ve then lost that potential patient faster than you can say musculoskeletal!

And you didn’t even know it happened.

Remember Mabel!

osteobiz website

What can you do about a tired old Osteobiz website and stop it damaging your business?

  1. Check it’s a WordPress website first of all which will ensure that search engines can actually find it in a general search
  2. Find out if is optimised for the search engines, including each and every page and blog post (yes – you might be found via a blog post!)
  3. Get rid of all lists of ‘conditions’ treated and medical jargon and replace with simple language and explanation.
  4. Add smiling close up images of the team. What do I always say? PEOPLE buy PEOPLE; not unfathomable logos and branding!
  5. Create an engaging and informative blog and add to it at regular intervals
  6. If your Osteobiz website is not cutting the mustard then you can easily and very cost effectively create your own. Oh yes – if I can, you can!  My online website buddy is Naomi Gilmour – find out more here or contact her about a bespoke Osteobiz website.
  7. Bottom line – your website is not about you at all really – it’s about your potential new patients! Follow along with my tutorial which takes you step by step through the checks you can make and what you can do to improve it. Find it here in my shop for just a tenner!

Your website needs to be tinkered with and nurtured on a regular basis. One that was created years ago and thrown out into the ether never to be touched again is of little use to you. It may well end up floating around like a bit of old rocket ship in the stratosphere.

Indeed, for any business to avoid decline and instead to grow, it needs a certain level of investment. Be that coaching, clinic revamp, extra skills or a decent website; it’s important to set aside an annual budget for growth.

Did you know that there are 50,000 new websites launched daily and 2.9 billion searches made every day too? Google doesn’t need or want to pull up old or seemingly abandoned websites! There’s plenty of better and more current results they can offer the curious and enquiring mind…