I see it every day in the Osteopaths I talk to. There’s often a latent fear lurking in the background. They are questioning their own abilities, their own skills and competence. The rapid changes which the modern world has foisted on them in quick succession can have them floundering in a sea of self-doubt.

In the same way that you don’t just treat pain, I also don’t just teach business development. There is always the bigger picture; the whole person who needs various levels of support and nurturing.

Fear can hold you back

Life continually throws stuff at us which induces fear. We either deal with it or we stay stuck and experience an uncomfortable churning in our belly. Then we can dither, not sure whether to proceed or back up. We double guess our own wisdom.

Recently, for example, I was invited to be interviewed on a live broadcast by Steven Bruce of the Academy of Physical Medicine.  It was way out there in the future and it seemed quite an exciting prospect when he first approached me. I thought it would be a super opportunity.

But the date for the live interview came around at breakneck speed. I made a Powerpoint of example Facebook posts, I rattled through some notes I’d previously made about why Facebook marketing was a no brainer. I was ready.

On the day, I got my hair done, donned a nifty outfit and headed for the Underground. But there was the awful feeling of the bile rising in my stomach. Why on earth did I agree to this? Why was Steven even interviewing ME? I didn’t know the first thing about marketing! There was absolutely no content or information in my head. It was a vacuum rapidly filling with a suffocating fear.

On the train, I felt queasy and clammy. The gremlin in my head urged me to about turn and go back home.It told me I was about to get publicly slaughtered. Why on earth had I said yes to this suicide mission?

Have you felt like that when you’ve embarked on something new? Or when you’ve put out a new post on Facebook, have you felt that you’re about to be harshly judged by all those people ‘out there’? Does your inner gremlin march about giving you stick about your inadequate attempts at marketing yourself?

Well I have news for you:

You are more skilled than you think you are.

You are more competent than you believe.

You are more needed than you realise.

You are the best person to market your own unique talents.

And most importantly, you are a vital asset in your neighbourhood.

So when you understand how essential you are to your community, how much easier is it to push fear aside and let your next new patient know just how much you want to help them back to health?

Now tackling the entire online world isn’t so scary is it? Because now you know you are merely talking to just that one person; just that next one new patient.

Feeling the fear – and doing it anyway!

Naturally, there was nothing to fear about the interview with Steven. He settled my nerves with ease. I breathed deeply, drank some water and focused.

5… 4… 3… 2… EEEEK!

We then had a superb discussion about the vagaries of marketing yourself online. We tackled many really great questions sent in by those watching. The hour and half surprisingly passed in a flash.

And I loved every minute of it!

It even turned out that I knew my stuff!

In that moment, I realised what is on the other side of fear:


Who knew eh?!

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