As we know, right now people in pain are struggling to get seen for their health issues.

Many have to wait for appointments.

Some don’t want to go anywhere where there is a waiting room or queues.

And so their Google searches are becoming more inventive as they try to find a solution for their problem.

We know that the population’s restricted movement has caused many physical issues.

One such patient, John, had a major surprise when he recently visited an Osteopath for the first time.

He was frustrated that despite many months of appointments, he had no resolution for his tendon pain.

MRI scans, x-rays and a multitude of doctors and therapists had used up plenty of precious time going from pillar to post but he seemed to get no further forward.

However, as you’ll know, John’s experience at the Osteopaths was quite different:

  • He felt very safe and cared for
  • He got to tell his injury story
  • He shared his full medical history
  • He had a complete examination
  • He was treated there and then
  • He left in far less pain
  • He now had a treatment plan
  • He felt listened to and understood
  • He was so relieved to finally be on the road to recovery

At the end of his session, John exclaimed, “this is the first time that anyone has actually looked at and touched my injury!”

True story!

There are hundreds of thousands of more people in pain, just like John.

And they need your help.

But can they find you online?

You may already be enjoying increased bookings.

You may think that this boom is here to stay.

But I would encourage you to do a clinic systems check up to ensure that you can prevent fluctuating or dipping patient numbers.

Here are some areas to focus on:

  • Can potential patients book in with you at 3am?
  • In 3-5 seconds, is it obvious on your website how you help people?
  • Are all patients given a clear treatment plan?
  • Can Google find you other than in a search for ‘Osteopath My town’?
  • Do you automatically check in with every single patient a few months after discharge?

If you’ve said NO to any of these questions (and I have a LOT more to ask!) then I’m concerned.

We are firmly in the technological revolution and, as with the industrial one, massive change is upon us.

It’s clear that out-dated businesses of all kinds will ultimately struggle and maybe fail.

Even here at Osteobiz, we constantly review and improve our systems, services and communication.

We were the first online business coaching for Osteopaths established in 2013 and remain the leader at the forefront of innovative solutions for practice owners.

Recently, we’ve seen rapid expansion, with well over 200 clients having improved and grown their practices already this year.

Because of this increased demand our team of two, Osteopath Jos Drew and myself, has now more than doubled to five!

We each have our areas of responsibility

Gilly: Strategic planning, business development, innovative ideas and accountability

Jos: All things clinical, operations and support. (Plus ‘Aunty Jos’ is sometimes required for a listening ear and a much needed colleague ‘hug’.)

Alister: Social media content creation for our monthly ‘done for you’ calendar. He also is an Osteo and large clinic owner, so supports Jos’ work.

Seraiah: Having grown up in a well-established clinic, she is highly practical and at the heart of our support team. She sets up new systems, so clients don’t have the headache!

Ellen: My Virtual Assistant and all round website designer, she creates new websites and demonstrates how to update them.

As you can see, we don’t just tell you what to do, we’ll do it for you and train you and the team too.

Working together, we are now empowering clinic owners to modernise and streamline their systems and operations.

We want them to work more efficiently so that they don’t end up broke and in burnout.

We are also keen to encourage and develop a world class patient journey, so that Osteopathy is presented as professionally as possible in every community.

Because right now, do you see, that Osteopathy has the opportunity of a lifetime to further step up and help all those in pain to find a quicker way back to health?

And we won’t stop until we have assisted as many clinics as possible to accomplish these goals.

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Here’s what one Mastermind client said recently:

So looking forward to virtually connecting with everyone tomorrow. This space is invaluable as a safe, respected place to be vulnerable and ask/admit to not knowing something. I am humbled by the trust and welcome experienced within the Masterminders group. It’s pretty rare.