When a new Client comes to me, or indeed a new Patient to you, they are looking for change.

They may be fed up with the status quo, they may be in so much physical or financial pain that they have made a decision to act.

Some may stay very stuck in their own pain, unable to create that shift because of the fear of change and what that might mean. To someone in pain, it might mean that feeling better may alter the dynamics in their relationships and that could feel scary.

Change may lead to us fulfilling our potential

Some may feel fearful of the process they need to go through to achieve better financial stability. What would success actually mean or say about them? Would it make them appear arrogant even? Or would it mean they had deservedly reached their potential?

I have seen people stay rooted to the spot resisting change for all they are worth. And I have seen people take a deep breath, get clarity, focus and stride forwards into the unknown with courage, knowing that ultimately they will be fine.

Change has been a major factor in my life; for a start I’ve moved home 15 times and who knows, I may not be living in my final one…

Having a child with twenty years of major life-threatening illnesses has meant huge changes, massive uncertainty and mega episodes of fear.

Eventually, I was able to stay grounded, solid and focused. I accepted I was on a roller coaster of change that I was not in control of. Instead of worrying myself to death I (eventually!) gave thanks for every single day I spent with both my boys. I felt gratitude for the opportunity to protect and nurture them to the best of my ability. And ultimately I accepted that if I lost my son, I would still feel massively privileged and honoured to be his mother.

My work is all about creating positive change

I keep my eye on business strategies, what’s working and what’s hot! I invest hugely in my own development and put myself on advanced business and coaching courses to ensure I stay ahead of the curve of change.

When a new person starts working with me I encourage them to dream big and imagine a different and more fulfilling life. Our lives are a whole and my mission is to develop the person, not just the business.

Embrace change and strive to always improve

By far, the biggest and most positive changes I see in those I work with are always in improved confidence, personal growth and happiness. Despite the key goal being to increase patient numbers, I have to say that a more confident practitioner and business owner is always my ultimate goal.

Some years ago I realised that change is a constant in our lives. I kept hearing people complaining that ‘things’ had changed and they usually didn’t like that. But really that’s like saying the tide has turned and we don’t agree with it!

We might as well embrace it. And if we don’t like how something is in our lives, then we have the power to change it. Even if that’s really tricky we can still decide to change our thinking around it and keep striding torwards our dreams and goals.

We live in extraordinary times of phenomenal change. Change means that there are new possibilities opening up to us. If we do embrace change and new ways of working or doing things, we continue to grow. Otherwise we could risk stagnation in our business and ourselves and could end up feeling like we’ve been left behind.

How do you view change?