I’m all confused today because it feels like Monday but it’s actually Tuesday and therefore blog day!

You see the Old Boy decided to take me away for a relaxing couple of days down in the New Forest.  We set off from London on Sunday morning in glorious sunshine, no coats required but sporting our sunglasses which is incredible for late October!

pink wellies and inspiring osteopaths

My hideously pink floral wellies!

I had a hankering to go and kick some golden, bronze and russet leaves in the countryside.  As a farmer’s daughter however, I seriously let the side down though.  Out in the countryside, where I come from, green wellington boots are de rigueur.  But packed in the boot of the car were my highly treasured pink floral wellies (why does my auto correct keep changing that to ‘willies’?) in readiness for some colourful scampering amongst the autumn vegetation!

On the way, we arranged to meet up with some very good friends in Andover for Sunday lunch and they suggested a gorgeous old pub in Stockbridge, Hampshire.  As far as I know there’s only one Osteopath in Stockbridge.  Amazingly and coincidentally, I also happen to know that she is currently away on a humanitarian mission working in Kenyan slums and remote areas.  So unbeknownst to her, there is a hand delivered card from me sitting in her Practice to welcome her home from her adventures!

I’ve been in touch with Emma Wightman for a long time now and she is a really inspiring lady.  Apart from treating the local population, she keeps those fly fishermen, who flock to the River Test, beautifully fit and flexible so that they can fish out their fish with ease!

But Emma also works closely with the Divinity Foundation International NGO in Kenya.

Emma told me, “It was set up to provide women and children living in the slums and remote villages with free healthcare. The charity is working hard to support the girls at risk of FGM, and have built a rescue centre for them. ‪#‎EmmasAngels is a project which finds sponsorship for these girls to provide them with refuge, food, clothes and education. It is a massively positive step in eradicating FGM, as each girl that is rescued is unlikely to be forced into this procedure.  Rescuing one girl at a time will help break the cycle in each family. “

divinity foundation

Emma and her son doing great work

And what is even more inspiring is that Emma has also taken her son to Kenya and I believe that will be an incredible learning experience for him as he grows into a young man.

It would be awesome if you could help this amazing work with a donation? http://ow.ly/DcSUF

Equally, if you would like to sponsor a young Kenyan girl to help her to flourish then please get in touch with me and I’ll gladly pass your details to Emma.

I know that there are many others of you who travel to remote areas to give free treatment to those who routinely have access to none.  I would love to hear and share your stories too so that together we can keep inspiring each other.