play a bigger gameIn somewhat the same way as you do, I also spend my week busily dipping in and out of the structure and function of my Clients’ businesses, looking for the issues which keep them stuck. In creating new ways for them to promote their skills, we increase patient numbers, diary bookings and their bank balances.

But often I find that when they come to me they have slightly lost the lurve for their Osteobiz; it can feel like a struggle to maintain bookings and momentum. And that makes me sad.

Running a business is like driving a car: you need to crank up the engine, get into first gear and press the pedal to the metal to get traction! And this is how I perceive growing your Osteobiz and mine too.

Where is your focus?

However, if you stare at the car bonnet when driving, you are likely to weave about all over the place and crash into things. But if you look up and focus on the activity further down the road, you will drive effortlessly and find your way safely to your destination.

And just like the car’s engine needs fuel, a business also needs investment of time and money; the energy which propels it forwards. Further, in order for the car to progress down the road it needs purpose, intention and motivation from the driver.

It’s time to play a bigger game!

As we head into 2018, I’d like you to play a bigger game. What is your role within your community? Are you supporting it as well as you might? Are there improvements needed to the services you offer? Are you investing in your Osteobiz to improve your systems, your premises and patient comfort, your marketing and your online presence? Or are you staring at the car bonnet and wondering how you can stop weaving about without direction?

You could say, therefore, that my job is really to lift your eyes to the horizon and help you to see just what you can achieve with some vision and action.

Indeed this is the thrill of my work.

What’s on the horizon?

If you take your eyes off the minutiae of your daily work, the bookings, the money and the struggle, what is your bigger goal? What is the point of your work? Who do you serve? And how can you possibly do this better?

These are the answers which will ignite your engine and get you effortlessly shifting up through the gears.

Likewise, this week I have been deeply reflecting about my purpose and goals. And it surprised me a little to realise that my true purpose is not to help Osteopaths to grow their businesses at all! That would be just staring at the car bonnet and meandering about.

My horizon is simply to help more people in pain to find Osteopathy. And I’m achieving that by helping Osteopaths the world over to attract and treat more people in pain. Does that make sense?

It’s really that simple and being mindful of that at all times, keeps me focused and passionate about my objectives. Indeed, after 4 years of Osteobiz. I am inspired to play a bigger game in 2018 and I am already committed to pushing myself out of my comfort zone even further.

So this week, I’d like you to diarise an hour or two to take time out to reflect on your purpose and aims. Go somewhere quiet and check in with yourself. Question yourself carefully, mull over your practices, your goals, your set up and your intentions. Note down your findings.

Next comes inspired action

If your Clinic needs painting; paint it!

If your treatment room needs decluttering, declutter it!

If your premises are not ideal, change them!

If your systems need updating, update them!

If your diary bookings are dismal, get help to change that!

If you don’t know how to attract more patients, educate yourself!

If you need some help; get it!

If you’re not reaching your potential, are you happy with that? How long are you going to leave it before you make those changes and improvements? So many new Clients come to me after thinking about getting my help for many months or even years! I have to stop myself from thinking just how far further down the road they would have been by now if we had got cracking earlier!

I continually invest heavily in my own development, both personally and in my business. Indeed if the Old Boy knew how just much I invest he would probably wince! But, as a non business owner, what he wouldn’t understand was that if I was still operating and teaching how I did four years ago I would quickly go out of business! And that would be tragic!

Sadly, too many small business owners leave it too late to get help to implement changes. They procrastinate, hesitate and go round in circles, effectively staring at the bonnet for years on end.

And here’s the crack: every time I invest in a better system or a new business coach, focus on my horizon and play a bigger game, my business grows rapidly.

Funny that.

If you need some help with growing patient numbers, increasing bookings and want to say goodbye to an oscillating bank balance, I can help you.

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