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VIP PRIVATE COACHING is the very best gift you can give your Osteobiz.

It’s perfect for you if you’re ready to invest some time, energy and focus to take your Osteobiz to the next level!  My experience is that success requires the commitment and application of all three!

  • Are your patient bookings stuck in the boom or bust cycle?
  • Have you run out of ideas and think that it is time to get some help to really ramp up your Osteobiz?
  • Do you wish you could expand your Practice but not sure how to make it sustainable?
  • Does it feel like you’ve done everything to increase Patient numbers but you still feel stuck?
  • Are you ready to expand your Practice and maybe bring in new Therapists to provide a fabulous Clinic for your community?
  • Are you starting out and don’t want to waste time, money and energy on the wrong strategies?
  • Is it time to finally get some private coaching and rapidly grow the Osteobiz you deserve?
Gilly Woodhouse - private coaching

Is Osteobiz Gold private coaching for me?

I’m passionate about working with you to discover what isn’t working, where your challenges are and what nirvana is for you!

I love to take my private coaching VIPs on a journey from stuck to successful.  I find out what’s not working, analyse the issues, do my research and create a step by step plan of easily actionable tasks.

We take swift action and you will find that you are quickly geared up to attracting more patients and building a far more sustainable business.

Working with me on private coaching is very different to participating in my group online courses. On these courses we are all working together collaboratively.  Whereas with private coaching, you get my absolute attention on YOUR business and YOUR dreams of success. You also get my creative input, well researched ideas, proven strategies and my energy focused on rapidly building YOUR patient list.

Apart from our planned online meetings, you can also email me with any questions or if you want some more marketing ideas. I am available for you as much as you need.  And that’s why so many worldwide Osteopaths have already invested in private coaching with me, grown their patient list, built a better and more sustainable business and enjoyed greater success.

Is this what you are looking for too?

Adopting the right marketing techniques and strategies is essential to creating the optimum Osteobiz for you.  Once you know what you need to be doing, you can ‘rinse and repeat’ knowing that you will keep getting improved results long after we’ve finished working together.

There will be plenty of accountability woven into our work together to ensure you make the rapid progress we both want for you. But there’s also lots of encouragement and I’m always by your side too!

I KNOW how to get you unstuck and easily building your Patient list, Practice and success.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you begin to make real progress!

Are you ready to make the investment in yourself and your valuable work and begin this transformational journey together?

Does this sound like you?

~ Have you got a successful Practice but you know it could be even better?

~ Do you want to expand but need some guidance on how to proceed?

~ Have you got Associates who are not busy enough and you need strategies in place to change that?


~ Have you moved to a new area and suddenly realise your usual ‘word of mouth’ referral system isn’t going to work yet?

~ Have you realised that social media and online marketing may be a very useful addition to your toolkit?

~ Do you think you are too close to it all and you really need some fresh perspective and a plan?

If this is you, then my passion is to discover where the knotty issues are in your Osteobiz, where your challenges are, what success means to you and take you there by the shortest and most cost effective route!

Is it finally time to take action and confidently attract more people to your Clinic?

I work closely with and mentor worldwide Osteopaths who have decided to make some changes and significantly grow their Practice.

osteobiz coaching

It’s always a satisfying process to take a passionate Osteopath on a journey from stuck to successful.  I find out what’s not working, analyse the issues and create a step by step plan of actionable tasks.

Those Clients who crack on and implement the ideas I’ve identified find that they are quickly geared up to attracting more patients and building a far more sustainable business.

Adopting the right marketing techniques and strategies is essential to creating the optimum Osteobiz for you.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. We can meet up via Skype and still talk face to face.



Christopher was typically quite busy but his Associates had variable bookings and he didn’t want to lose any valuable members of his team as a result. Added to this he had worked long hours for many years and now wanted to share the load with his team and create some time to concentrate on maintaining a successful Practice. And once everything was in place, he could happily spend more time with his family and no longer worry about his business.


He started working with Gilly and she quickly identified some key areas which needed modernising and improving. She suggested systems and strategies for creating a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable business.  Christopher loved the fact that Gilly assessed the whole team and looked at ways to promote each individual, whilst also inspiring and including them in future plans.


Now with the strategies for growth all set out, Christopher began implementing them one step at a time, with very clear guidance and encouragement from Gilly all the way. He began to notice that he had a better organised and more efficient Clinic, his website started working harder for him and his revamped Clinic was being very well received by his Patients.


As new Patient numbers began to increase so did his confidence in growing a sustainable and crucial community health hub. He no longer felt unsure about reviewing his pricing and could see the immense value he was now providing.


And looking at his increasing revenue, Christopher was delighted that investing in some expert private coaching was indeed a very worthwhile decision.

What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

“Osteopaths in need of marketing help, support and encouragement, I can’t recommend Gilly enough”

Zoe Clark

“Having established a working relationship with Gilly for over 2 years, we have continued to grow ideas creatively and practically for Practice development and promotion.”

Nathan Reynolds

“This last month, my social media engagement is above all the local top clinics”

Christopher Parker

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the coaching work?

We meet via Skype so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. There are online resources and recorded training sessions to give you to extra tools you need to grow your Osteobiz. I am with you every step of the way, guiding and inspiring you to build the best Practice you can.

Do you meet in person?

Mostly I do my consultations and coaching via Skype. However, if you want to visit Osteobiz HQ, in West London, to work with me that’s absolutely fine! I do make a nice cuppa!


Let’s discover if we’re a perfect fit to work successfully together!

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