People will only act because they have reasons to. Every purchase, every service bought and every action will have been backed up by reasons:

Because I’m worth it

Because I need a new shirt

Because it makes me feel good

Because I like it

Because I need help

Even if we don’t speak it out loud, we will have rationalised WHY we are taking a certain action.

So what are the reasons to see an Osteopath?

When it comes to marketing, why would we bang on about the intricacies of Osteopathy?

Your next new patient only needs to know one thing.

“WHY would I invest in Osteopathic treatment?”

And all you have to do is give them the reasons.








Similarly, why would you invest in Osteobiz training?

Some of the reasons are:

If you don’t have a decent framework for your business, it won’t grow

If you have no systems in place to handle patients, you will get bogged down and exhausted

If you don’t understand your target market, your marketing won’t work

If you don’t keep consistently marketing, your patient numbers will drop

And ultimately, if you don’t fix the problems, you could end up staring at an empty diary


You need a decent and strategic framework in your business in order for it to grow

Deploying systems within that framework will enable you to thrive and avoid overwhem

Understanding your target market will make your marketing work like magic

Consistently great marketing means patient numbers will grow, giving you greater satisfaction

Taking regular action to improve your Osteobiz structure, means it’s probably going to function better…

Over to youjot down the reasons why a typical patient would choose to book to see you.


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