self confidenceSelf confidence is a tricky customer! I spent my childhood wondering why all my school reports said, “Lacks confidence”! You might find that surprising, but it’s true!

I thought I was confident but now, looking back, I can see that I was hesitant and unsure about raising my hand or standing out from the crowd. It’s taken a few decades to sort my head out and stop those self destructive notions from affecting the outcomes I’ve wanted in my life.

Even when I launched Osteobiz four years ago, the old mind monkeys were laughing and poking fun at me.

Who on earth did I think I was, eh?

What made me think I was best placed to help Osteopaths to build their Practices?

What if it all crashed and I looked like a right numpty?

Dreaming big is something I’ve always done but my own self confidence has often got in my way and made me doubt myself, my skills and my worth to the world.

Being self confident is not about being arrogant

Issues around self confidence is a common problem I find amongst Osteopaths too.  Thankfully though, arrogance is a trait I rarely see in the profession. Having self confidence in our own value, our skills and our abilities is absolutely critical in business.

When we don’t particularly rate our own worth, it can transfer to our potential customers. They can feel that reticence and feel unsure about whether or not you are the right fit or right Practitioner for them. This all happens on an energetic level. You know how it feels when someone doesn’t gel with you or just isn’t your cup of tea?

Over the years I have worked on my own self confidence and picked off those annoying mind monkeys one by one! I have looked for the evidence that indeed I do know what I’m talking about. I have checked that what I offer is fit for purpose and tweaked and improved things to ensure I’m giving the best value possible. And yes, I have increased my prices when I believe that I’m selling my services way too cheaply.

How does self confidence affect bookings?

Call me woowoo but I have come to believe that the kind of vibe we put out there dictates what we receive in return. The more self confident I have become, the more of my perfect clients have come forward to work with me. More than that, wonderful opportunities, collaborations and inspiration make their way to me. All these things allow me to help the very people who want to build better businesses and help more people in pain.

It’s win win all the way.

So here’s a tip. If you ever struggle with self confidence, start your day with a few minutes with yourself.

Now imagine all those new patients happily rushing to their appointment with you. Imagine how grateful they are to have finally found your magic hands. And imagine how happy they are to pay you a fair fee for all that you give them.

How exciting does it feel in your belly when you see your diary as full as you wish it to be? How rewarding is it to hear the testimony of your happy Patients? Will that put a self confidence token in your piggy bank so that you can continue to stride forwards?

Do you see the correlation between your self confidence and your success?

It must feel amazing to help people back to health every day. I can only imagine how exciting and rewarding that must feel.

Talking of self confidence, I was again interviewed by Steven Bruce at the Academy of Physical Medicine yesterday. Having battled up the M1 and arrived just 5 minutes before transmission, thankfully, those pesky mind monkeys didn’t have time to get started!!

It was a great discussion and actually not at all scary!  We were talking all things Facebook and how to get the most out of it. Check out the video recording here – you can skip past the (carefully selected) music if you wish.

APM provides high quality online CPD on a variety of topics relating to your Practice and development of your skills. They will even make and host a FREE website for you! I think that’s astonishingly good value.

And if you’ve never been on Steven’s First Aid Course, you’ve missed out on some thoroughly rewarding training and his highly entertaining delivery. I got to see some of his teaching yesterday and I cried with laughter so much that my mascara ran! I certainly won’t be forgetting those key messages as they’re now deeply embedded in my memory!

Check out the member benefits here and try it for just six quid for the first month.