It’s that time of year again when we’re all busy setting intentions for 2018 and thinking about all that we want to achieve. However, we all know that many of these good intentions get forgotten about and sidelined by about February!

You’ll no doubt have a rush of gym bunnies booking in who have been over ambitious and overdone it. Likewise, I’ll have a rush of Osteopaths who’ve decided enough is enough with their dismal bookings.

Some gurus at this time of year will say that making resolutions is a waste of time. Others will write whole books on how to do it successfully.

I’m somewhere in between!  Reflection is something that you are already encouraged to do as part of your work and I think there’s very good reason for this. Without taking time out to review what we do and look at ways to improve that, we’d all be blindly stumbling on and staying stuck in a rut of underachieving.

And if I’ve got anything to do with it, that just won’t do!!

But how do we set intentions for 2018 and actually stay accountable?

Firstly, I think that if we set some goals both in writing and visually, they will be easier to keep top of mind. And that begs the question, “What will you do differently in 2018?”

But equally, it’s not just about looking at where we need to improve; it’s about sussing out what’s working well and doing more of that.

So here’s my take on a good New Year Review:

1 Ask yourself some simple but effective questions

Take some time out and answer these ten questions. Simply review your past year and look at what you want for your life in this next year. Rather than stick these answers in the back of the drawer to gather dust, keep them close at hand and continue to review regularly.

Take 20 minutes now to complete these questions: Setting intentions for 2018

Then contemplate what SPECIFIC actions you need to take in the next 90 days. Where are the gaps in your knowledge or skills? What do you need help with? What extra training would benefit you?

What boring or time consuming tasks could you farm out to save you time, worry and energy? For instance could you get a cleaner in to save your energy? Or could you hire a geeky teenager to file your papers or do the data entry for your accounting?

Inspired action and constant implementation are the only way to make changes and achieve success!

2 Create a Vision Board

Because Vision Boards are made up of a selection of images of what we want in our lives, they are a daily reminder to keep focused. I am a great believer in these – as simplistic as they may seem. I have found tremendous success throughout my life since I created my first one back in 2007. I was freshly divorced, living in Athens with my two young boys and, frankly, quite battered and lost!

But a wonderful Mentor who was supporting me through difficult times there encouraged me to create a Vision Board of all the things and experiences I wanted in my life. It may sound woowoo to you but in the past 10 years I’ve gone on to attract major business success, a home I love, healthy children, peace of mind and even the Old Boy!

Getting clear on what you want your life to look like is the quickest route to getting there – and don’t forget to dream big!

Members of the Osteobiz Inner Circle will be working on creating these these Vision Boards during January.

NOTE: Until the end of the month the Osteobiz Inner Circle is only £10 per month to be a member and won’t be subject to the price increase in February when it gets an upgrade and revamp – all current members will remain at the lower price. No contract; stay as long as you like or leave when you wish. Supportive Facebook group, a new topic to download and keep each month and regular live Q&A sessions with me. Join here.

3 Take inspired action and implement!

What are the next indicated steps you need to take in order to bring about the fabulous 2018 you currently aspire to? Make time in your diary to take those action steps.

Indeed one of the biggest pieces of advice I give out to each and every Client is to make space in your diary to work on the front end of your business and on your bigger goals and dreams.

Even though I’m currently travelling around Australia and New Zealand, I’m still working. In the past few days I’ve done my own review and set my intentions for 2018. Right now I’m planning how to better help hundreds more Osteopaths to get their vital message out and help more people in pain.

Without implementation, nothing will change and we don’t want that do we?

So let’s do this – NO MATTER WHAT!