Osteobiz Social Media Savvy  £100

In just a few hours, this online training will help you to understand more about how to harness social media to increase your patient numbers. If you’re stuck on what type of content you should be posting or how you can reach more potential patients, then this is for you. I take you step by step through the concepts of social media as well as giving you the practical tools to get you marketing confidently online.

PLUS – you get over 140 memes (images with text on) and short impactful videos to really get that WOW factor on your social media.

Click the button to find out if this is just what you need right now.

#OsteopathyWorks Notebook  £8 (or 2 for £14)

Did you know that your Patients are giving you marketing ideas all day long? If you listen to their symptoms, you will also hear their ‘complaints’. For instance they may not be able to play a sport any longer or they may have difficulty in picking up their Grandchildren. Keeping this beautiful red notebook on your desk will mean you can quickly jot down any nuggets you hear. Next time you want to do some marketing, all those ideas are ready and waiting for you in one place!

3 Ways to Become a Patient Magnet  £12

An hour long tutorial explaining exactly HOW to go about increasing your patient list.  I take you step by step through the process you need to adopt to get your marketing right and to place you in front of more of the people you love to treat.  I share my secrets to building your patient list always with integrity and without any yukky ‘selling at’ people!

This stand alone class is perfect for you if you just need to understand the basic tenets of marketing your Osteobiz and you want to start implementing what you learn immediately. 

6 Step Website Checklist Tutorial  £10

In this tutorial I take you step by step through the things you MUST include on your website to ensure it works hard for you.  Your website is your shop window but is it showing your potential patients what they want and need to see?  We also look at those things which should definitely NOT be on your website!  

Easily create an e-newsletter system £10

These days it is imperative that we keep in touch with our customers.

However, sending regular ‘snail mail’ can prove extremely costly.  Interesting, informative and attractive email newsletters however can remind your patients that it’s time for a maintenance treatment.

It might even prompt them to check if you can deal with another problem they are suffering with.  

Successful Events £12

Sometimes you might want to arrange an open day to attract more potential patients to come and find out more about you.  Of you may want to prepare for a successful day at a local event.

Here I’ve put together some classes to guide you through the things you need to think about in advance to ensure you have a successful event. In this series of four classes, we look at types of events, setting them up and what to do following an event. There’s several ideas you can use and a planner to help you get organised too.

Osteobiz Planners £10

Getting organised in business is essential for success. So I’ve put together a selection of planners and sheets for the following:

  • Patient Attraction Plan
  • Annual Marketing Planner
  • Weekly Marketing and Task Planner
  • Social Media Planner
  • Community Event Planner
  • Community Presentations Cheat Sheet
  • My Testimonial Template
  • Osteobiz Number Cruncher

Everything you need to keep track of your numbers, testimonial gathering, social media and marketing planning, event planning and even getting to grips with who your target audience are so that you can make your marketing even more targeted. Download once and reprint as many copies as you wish.

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