Online Course Creation Workshop

This straightforward four step course has been made for those practitioners who are looking to create a side-line business to their clinical practice for a second revenue stream.
In this course I will guide you through choosing your course title, content and the process of creating it. Once you have clarity on this, you’ll learn how to shape your unique online course and then market it correctly to your target audience, so that you make those all important sales. Your accompanying workbook will enable you to get clarity and avoid overwhelm, whilst planning your marketing campaign in detail.

Osteobiz Mastermind

The Osteobiz Mastermind is probably the best thing I have ever created. This is a robust 12-month pathway for Clinic Owners and Practitioners who are struggling or who want to build a stronger business.

My Osteobiz team of NINE is dedicated to supporting and assisting you with modernising and fast-tracking your business into a true community asset. We are with you every step of the way as we remove all blocks, free up your time with improved systems, create a profitable structure, increase confidence and achieve your specific goals.

Cliniko Set Up and Training Osteobiz

Whether you are starting a new practice or whether you are wanting to modernise and automate your systems, Cliniko is a fantastic tool to help you get the most out of your treatment sessions with patients.
We will get you up and running on Cliniko in no time at all and get you trained on how to use it. You will be on top of things in no time.

Tick this off your to do list and let our tech expert do the work for you, so that you rest easy in the knowledge that everything will be set up correctly and run smoothly.

Osteobiz Social Media Solutions

Do you want to know how to get noticed online and get more patients?
Created by one of our talented Osteo team members, these ready-made social media images and videos make it so easy to do your essential marketing!
With this subscription you will get a month’s worth of social media posts ready-made with strong messages and eye-catching visuals, plus a tutorial on how to use them.
It saves so much time and energy for such a great price, it is a no-brainer! Try one month free and see for yourself.

Osteobiz Guide to Fearless Marketing

Are you a clinic owner ready to rapidly grow your client numbers? If you are looking for a practical, easy, straightforward way to market your business for low investment, then this is the book for you!

Easy to follow tips, with simple explanations will guide you to more confidently marketing your clinic

Grab your copy today.

Osteobiz Elevate Your Social Media Workshop

Come and join me for this practical workshop where you will learn how to use social media to your advantage. You’ll be informed about all the recent updates and learn which platforms will work best for your type of business. Then learn how to establish clear goals and create a strategy and get to know your audience well so that you can align your messaging to them. By the end of this workshop you’ll understand exactly how to use social media to bring a steady flow of new patients to your clinic every week.

Osteobiz Biz Owner Boost Cards

This inspiring 53 card deck offers business guidance and motivation for business owners. They are great to have on hand to help you when you are feeling a bit stuck and in need of an encouraging boost in your business or a spot of inspiration! Simply shuffle and choose.

Osteobiz WordPress Website

Every business needs a simple, effective online presence. If your website is more than about 5 years old, we can build you a new Google friendly and secure WordPress website to ensure that you are easily found online by your potential patients.

Osteobiz Master Your Marketing

This easy to follow, quick course will give you an understanding of your target market, how to listen to them and guide you on how to plan out your marketing content, to attract a stream of new clients.
This course can be completed in a couple of hours and will give you the tools to get you confidently marketing your services today.