Social media is something that Osteopaths tend to naturally shy away from. All that online exposure to an invisible, intangible and incongruent group of all sorts of disparate pairs of judgemental eyes. Err no thank you! Many retreat and continue to hide away from the whole unsavoury idea. They can feel almost like they’re putting themselves out there into the ether with no feedback to reflect on, no verbal discourse, no facial expressions to interpret. Nothing, nowt, nada. It can feel like you’re exposing yourself in the crassest possible way and it can therefore feel unsafe and even downright formidable’.

Getting perspective on social media

The simple truth is that the online world and implicitly social media is very much here to stay. It may evolve but it ain’t going away – ever! Yes social media will continue to alter at a rapid rate. Be assured that it’s not a 5 minute wonder like nutribullets which are sooo last year! Therefore, if you’re aiming to be maintaining a full diary for the rest of your career, harnessing social media is critical to your Osteobiz. Not only that but keeping ahead of all the changes will ensure that you don’t end up being an online dinosaur. Facebook in particular are at the cutting edge of providing a social media experience which is all about enhancing our lives.  It connects us with others and very much aligns with pulling communities together, building and strengthening relationships. I think you will agree that that is indeed your general aim too within your own community. So whilst you might be getting out there and forging new relationships with groups around you – at least I hope you are – this is something which can also be done online to very great effect. Indeed this is the cornerstone of what I teach my Osteo Clients and once they see the value in this, apply my techniques and remain consistent in their marketing, they see a direct correlation to increased bookings. Did you know that some Osteopaths are finding that Facebook is pretty much their sole pathway to new patients and increased bookings? Incredible huh? Once you understand the best strategies for nurturing your online followers, you’ll find that it isn’t all that spurious, unsavoury or unappealing. It can be a fabulous and speedy way of educating and informing potential and current patients, spreading the word about the efficacy of Osteopathic treatment and all the myriad benefits that this brings to people stuck in pain. And that’s why I’m especially keen for you to use a key social media phenomenon – the hashtag. Together let’s spread the word far and wide – #OsteopathyWorks

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