OK I hear you! Social media marketing is not something you feel particularly comfortable about.

You’re not really the type to broadcast to the entire online world that you’re amazing! You’re not about to shout from the rooftops about how skilled you are! Would you even consider that statement to be true?

So many Osteopaths I work with initially have a fundamental distrust relating to social media marketing. It even scares the pants off some!

But consider this:

  • What if it’s not about you?
  • What if it’s all about those lovely people in your community who are suffering and in pain?
  • What if they don’t know what on earth an Osteopath does?
  • What if they are unsure what goes on behind your front door?
  • Is it voodoo?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Does it help?
  • Does it hurt?
  • Does it even work?

There are so many questions and misconceptions in your potential patient’s head but are you listening out for them?

Are you answering those questions in your social media marketing?

Or are you just banging on about being registered and regulated? ┬áThat’s all very well but you also need to be addressing their concerns. And most importantly you need to be educating and informing them about the benefits of treatment with you.

There’s so many more people out there in your community who need your help

Sadly, they don’t know what you do or how you could help their pain.

They probably distrust you

Last week alongside running Osteobiz, I was helping out in my local estate agents as the two main bosses were away on holiday. Of the five staff in the office, three were in pain.

One had general back pain.

One had hip and shoulder pain.

One had back pain, almost constant headaches and admitted that she munched her way through a PACKET of anti-inflammatory tablets every single week!

Sadly, they were all under 30 years old…

I gave out my own Osteopath’s cards and urged them to see her. ┬áBut, as one of my Osteobiz Blueprint members posted about in her social media marketing this week, maybe that level of pain has become their ‘normal’. Perhaps they are going to need more encouragement to actually take action and deal with it.

So imagine for a moment that you are not ‘selling’ but merely educating and informing your neighbours about how you help them back to health?

What if you asked some apposite questions in your social media marketing?

What if you allowed them to get to know you a little?

What if they get an aha moment because of one of your social media posts?

What if someone else tags them on your latest Facebook post because what you say is so pertinent to them?

What if they then come to you in pain and you change their lives for the better?

Does that help to put into perspective what you’re trying to do in your social media marketing?

So what are you going to say in your social media marketing today?!

There’s some done for you stuff in my freebie selection – help yourself to whatever you like!.

Then crack on!