patient listYour patient list IS your business. Your patient list MUST keep growing. Your patient list must not stagnate or your Osteobiz will begin to shrink!

This week I’m refining my presentation for the BSO’s Osteopathic Refresher at the weekend. It’s entitled ‘Maintaining Patient Relationships’ and as I’ve been working through ideas, suggestions and the thinking behind it, I’ve included something very important.

This is the ONE main thing that I am constantly working on with my Clients. We are always working towards getting your message out into your community in a number of ways. The more that your neighbours know who you are and what your primary role is in their healthcare, the more patients will book to see you. The side effect is then that you will get many more organic referrals as your net widens.

Growing your Patient list is paramount!

One of the issues which surfaces most often with my Clients is that they are so busy firefighting at the coal face that they take their eye off their actual business. Sometimes it can only take a few months of whizzing through endless patients and it feeling like your Clinic has a revolving front door before there’s a significant lull in bookings.

Often there’s a feeling of mild panic and a sudden realisation that without some action things will threaten to continue in a downward spiral. So then there’s a flurry of crazy posting on social media and the worry of reduced income.

And therein lies the problem of boom and bust bookings!

There will always be a natural cyclical nature to business but the key is in maintaining very effective marketing so that the fluctuations are minimal.

My best advice is to diarise two chunks of time of at least an hour each per week for focused marketing. Reviewing which posts are working on social media, creating more like that and/or re-posting previously successful posts can easily be done in that time.

Remember that Facebook is one of the most effective methods of advertising your business and it doesn’t have to cost a penny! Because they don’t show your posts to all your fans, you need to be posting a couple of times a day ideally. These can be pre-scheduled so that you are cleverly posting whilst treating!

Keep in touch with your Patient list!

We’ve already discussed how crucial your Patient list is to your Osteobiz success. But do you keep in touch with them? So you’ve worked hard to build up your Patient list but do you leave them to ride off into the sunset? Do you follow them up at some point? Do you send them an e-newsletter?

You will continue to grow your Patient list if you continue to nurture those already on it.

You also know where I am if you need a nudge in the right direction.

Meanwhile keep up your great work!